The new year can be an exciting time because it can act as a fresh start. Goals are synonymous with the new year, and a lot of individuals are eager to set fitness/health goals at the beginning of the new year. However, most people do not stick to their goals and lose motivation to achieve them early in the year. These five tips will help you stay on track with your fitness/health goals as you go into 2022.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Realistic goal setting can be difficult because there is always a result that you desire. However, that result may be a lengthy goal, which can make it hard to stay motivated. When you are setting goals for the new year you should make sure that you set a goal that is attainable within the calendar year.

When you are setting your goals, you should make sure that they are measurable. This means that you should quantify your goals, or you should set goals within a certain time frame. If you are setting a weight goal, then you should select a specific weight that you are aiming for within the year. This will allow you to track your progress and allow you to judge how you are doing.

2. Incorporate it Into Your Daily Routine

Once you have set your goals, then you should incorporate those tasks within your daily routine. So, if you set a health goal that involves going to the gym, then you should incorporate time into your daily routine for going to the gym. Similarly, if you are trying to lose weight, then you should set time aside each day for cooking your meals.

Incorporating these things into your daily routine will make it easier to achieve your goals. This is because these things will become habits and you will no longer give yourself the option to skip out on these tasks.

This website details how you can effectively incorporate new tasks into your daily routine:

3. Work with Friends to Achieve Your Goals

Including your friends in your goals will also give you the motivation to stay on track. If your friend is working toward your own goal, then you will want to work towards yours with them. This could be as simple as going to the gym with your friend. Anything you can do to include someone else will help you achieve your goals.

You may not understand how this can help you achieve your goals, but it will add some accountability to your goals. If you are good at holding yourself accountable, then you may not need to include others. However, your friends will help you stay on track, and they will let you know when you are slacking. It is like when a teammate holds you accountable in a team sport.

If you have trouble incorporating people into your goals, then you may be able to use apps to hold yourself accountable. If you are trying to work out a certain number of times a week, then you may want to download a personal trainer app to keep you on track.

4. Enjoy the Journey

Enjoying the journey may be the most important tip on this list. This is because if you do not enjoy the journey, then you will be less likely to continue the journey. Enjoying the journey can be as simple as eating the foods that you enjoy while dieting, or it could mean exercising in a way that you enjoy.

that will give you the same result. The same thing applies to exercise.

5. Reward Progress

Progress should be rewarded to stay on track. For example, if you stay on your diet for two weeks, then you can reward yourself with a cheat day. Rewarding yourself is important towards staying sane. The process of health and fitness goals can be exhausting, and it is important to remind yourself that you are human. This means that it does not hurt to enjoy yourself occasionally.


If you do all five of these goals, then you will find that you stick with your goals much longer than you ever have. These things do not only apply to fitness/health goals either. If you apply these tips to all your goals for 2022, you would be surprised at how many of them you would be able to achieve.