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As your teen nears his or her birthday, you’ll begin thinking about how to celebrate it to show just how proud you are of the young adult he or she has become. Since birthdays are a good time to recognize not only how far they’ve come but also all they have yet to achieve, it makes sense to go all out and plan an event that will leave your teen with memories he or she will never forget. Use these seven fun ways to celebrate your teen’s birthday as inspiration as you plan something extra special for this very special day:

7 Tips for the Best Teen Birthday

Your teen’s birthday isn’t that far away and if you’re not sure how to make it memorable, don’t stress. Instead, use these seven fun tips to plan a celebration you both will enjoy:

1. Get Them Involved

One of the best tips for parents planning a teen’s birthday party is to get them involved in the process. While many parents worry that their teen is growing up and becoming more independent, this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Involving your teen in planning their birthday party can be an opportunity for you both to spend time together and create a fun event—not a stressful one.

2. Invite the Rest of the Family

Teens want to feel special on their birthday and celebrating alone isn’t nearly as fun as celebrating with others. Invite your teen’s cousins, aunts, uncles, and other family members over for a party. This will make them feel like they are truly important, while you still control how many people come over.

3. Throw Them a Surprise Party

Surprising your teen with a birthday party will delight them and get them excited about being another year older. As you plan the surprise don’t just have them walk in and see the decorations and their friends; get creative by having all their friends hide so they can have a big reveal once they walk in. You can put clues all over their room that will lead them to you waiting for them with streamers, balloons, cake, a 360 photo booth for sale, and gifts. This is a great way to start your teen’s party with a bang.

4. Give Them Something They Will Love

Teens love getting what they want—that’s just a fact of life. They also love gifts that they’ve helped pick out, so find something you know they will adore and surprise them with it. Bonus points if you catch them by surprise by getting them a gift that only their friends knew they wanted. Consider searching through their Amazon wish list to get an idea of what would make them happy.

5. Hire a Local Band

Some teens will never forget a party where a live band played, and if you’re willing to spring for it, hiring a local band can make your child’s birthday unforgettable. If it fits into the budget, hire your teen’s favorite band to make the night truly one to remember.

If your teen isn’t into one particular type of music, look into renting out space at an outdoor venue where multiple bands might play. Bands that play wedding receptions or corporate events often have slower spots in their schedule and this can be perfect timing for a birthday party. Give yourself plenty of time to contact bands and secure dates before your teen’s birthday rolls around.

6. Have an Open House

Instead of throwing a party, consider having an open house for family and friends. This option saves you money on food, drinks, entertainment, gifts, and more. With this more relaxed approach to your teen’s celebration, you’re sure to create a day full of love, laughter, and celebrations.

7. Let Them Pick the Theme

As a parent, you’re likely already well aware of your teen’s favorite activities and those that they hate. Part of planning a fun birthday party is allowing your teen to pick which theme they want—whether it’s one they’ve been begging for or one you think will be a better fit. As long as it doesn’t compromise their safety, let them plan their party themselves, without your direct input. This helps keep both parties happy and celebrating throughout.


Birthdays are one of the few times when you can let your teen take center stage and show off their personality. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party or hosting an epic game night, make sure you don’t forget these fun ways to celebrate your teen’s birthday.