As a personal trainer, you know that you have to push yourself to help others make themselves constantly. With all the new technology constantly evolving, it can sometimes feel like a full-time job just keeping up with it all. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of tech tools and gadgets that will solve some of your biggest problems. Some of these programs will actually save you time and increase your client base and profits. Think about what is working well in your business, and what you want to improve before adding any of these suggestions. 

If you’re a fitness professional, whether an aspiring personal trainer or a seasoned trainer, there is tech that will help you with your day-to-day life and overall business.

Tangram Smart Rope PURE

The first on the list of our best tech tools for personal trainers is the Tangram Smart Rope PURE. This bright rope will help you track your heart rate, calories burned, and workout intensity. It doesn’t just track your performance during workouts either – it keeps a record of your progress and how much you’ve improved over time. It’s a must-have for personal trainers who need to track their fitness.

This tool is perfect for making progress towards your weight loss or fitness goals, tracking your workout performance, and staying healthy.

Fitness trackers

One difficult part of working as a personal trainer is to manage all the data and progress you have for various clients. There are apps that allow you to monitor the progress and communicate with each of your clients individually. This saves you time because you won’t have to manually track each client and can see how they progress over time. 

If you are looking for something simple and do not want to spend too much, try checking Nudge coach pricing. Nudge’s price list is affordable for trainers on any budget.

Besides tracking the data and progress of your clients, you can also use this tech to create groups of your clients. This can help keep people motivated with additional accountability partners. You can also set goals for each of your clients, and they are able to monitor along with you their progress in regards to the set goal. 


The Uptivo is a massive hit with personal trainers who use social media – it lets professional athletes tweet their workout stats (presses, reps, weight lifted) in real-time to multiple social media platforms. That way, their followers can see what they’re up to and benefit from the encouragement of seeing them in action.

This is great for trainers who do remote training sessions. You can monitor clients’ performance data in real-time, or allow your students to see your own data, so they know what to aim for. 

Skulpt scanner

This gadget falls under the personal category and enables you to measure the composition of your body, including things like how much fat you’re carrying around and how much muscle mass you have for different body parts. This can help you track your progress and ensure that your workouts are tailored to specific areas to tone them.

This device is great for clients who are interested in working on specific areas of their bodies. It allows you to set goals and measure your progress on them. 

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

Another excellent tool for personal trainers is the heart rate monitor (like the Polar H10). By monitoring your pulse, you can notice how certain activities affect it and adjust your routine accordingly. This is especially important for people with heart conditions or other medical issues that affect their physical performance and need to be considered.

Your heart rate is an essential indicator of your fitness level, so monitoring it is a good way to determine how effective your workouts are for you.

Beast Sensor

The Beast Sensor is another tremendous personal trainer tool that tracks your heart rate using Polar’s Bluetooth wristband. By doing so, you can be sure that your workouts are safe and effective every time. Also, you can monitor your progress over time and see how much you have improved since the beginning of training.

This is an excellent tool for personal trainers because it will help improve their clients’ fitness without additional research on the best way to train them safely.

Fitness Bands 

You can’t always be with your clients, but they should be tracking all daily progress they make towards better fitness. There are fitness bands that can assist with this by tracking their steps, how well they sleep, and their heart rate. Whenever authorized users log in, they can see all of their clients’ workout history and progress. These bands come in a variety of price ranges and styles, making them accessible to everyone. Features included in the bands can be basic or varied depending on what price range you go for. Popular options include Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, Amazon, and of course Apple.