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You walk into a store, try on a few shoes that look pretty on the shelves, and take them home only to leave them hanging on your shelves or return to the store due to early wear and tear. Why? You didn’t take your time to choose only to end up with shoes that hurt your feet and are not suitable for performing daily activities.

No outfit is complete without a pair of shoes but shoes are not merely accessories and a great pair of shoes cannot be based on appearance alone. With the right information at your disposal, making the right purchase becomes easier. 

Importance of Good Shoes

At the top of your head, why do you think shoes are important? They are a fundamental aspect of our lives but most don’t pay attention to what makes them relevant.

As we go about our daily activities, the impact our feet make on the ground can affect our body, and good shoes, help to minimize that impact. For instance, most running shoes have built-in shock absorbers to help with the pressure that comes with such a strenuous activity. The cushioning provided by shoes help to reduce the possibility of injuries and wearing the right pair, can prevent subsisting issues from compounding by allowing stress and pressure to be evenly distributed.

Plus, the type of footwear we use, has an impact on our performance. Imagine wearing soft-soled shoes in a construction site or a pair of 6-inch heels when you spend most of your day running errands. Would it not affect your performance? Good shoes provide flexibility for movement and there is specific footwear designed to aid to enhance the performance of certain activities. For instance, footballers who move around a lot have to wear spiked or cleated footwear to enable them to do what needs to be done. 

Buying for a Purpose

You spend a good deal of money buying shoes and the last thing you want is to have it come apart after a few wears. Even shoes made with the finest materials and technology, will fall prey to early wear and tear when used incorrectly.

Each pair of shoes is made with a specific purpose in mind and to make the most out of it, you need to know what this is and use the shoes in line with their intended function. If you love running, get yourself a pair of running shoes instead of depending on your walking shoes. For rainy days, it is good to have one or two water-resistant shoes to prevent damage from being done to your normal shoes. When you are going hiking with your friends, it would be advisable to get a pair of shoes with hard soles to protect against the rocky terrain.

Where you over or under pronate, you can choose to get some stability shoes at the AU Nike Stores that support your feet and help prevent the development of foot problems. 

Focus on Quality

Not everyone can afford to have 50 pairs of shoes and that’s why quality matters when shoe shopping. You can shop at specialized stores like Nike stores in Australia that have created a name for themselves and can provide you with what you need. 

Since there are hundreds of brands making shoes these days, you would need to do a little research to prevent buying low-quality shoes.

One way to discover the quality of a pair of shoes is to check the materials used to make them. Where the company doesn’t disclose the materials used, avoid buying from them. The sole of the shoes is another way to find good shoes. Shoes with high quality have their upper layers and soles stitched together with a thread which makes it easy to repair the shoes. Where glue is used, you can tell that the shoes are cheaper and can’t be easily repaired. 

Get the Right Fit

The last thing you should do when buying shoes is to compromise on the fit. Don’t buy tight shoes hoping that they would adapt to your feet- you could end up disappointed. You can get your feet measured at the store by a shoe consultant. It is advisable to shop after a workout or at the end of the day where your feet are a bit swollen.

Although you shouldn’t get tight shoes, don’t aim for shoes that are too loose. The shoes should be a perfect fit with enough room for your toes to wiggle. Instead of sitting down, try to move around the shoes to discover any issues you could potentially face.