The garage is the perfect place to organize and keep tools, sports equipment, and outdoor equipment, but it shouldn’t be a free-for-all dumping site. You can keep everything organized and even use this area for recreational purposes as well. The best thing you can do is reorganize and upgrade or remodel your garage so that you can use it as an additional interior room and a storage area for all of your equipment.

Here are some tips to consider for those who need a few winter storage or garage renovation ideas to help you use your garage more efficiently.

Swap Your Storage Items

It is time to bring in your summer tools and yard toys and roll out the winter equipment. You can pull in your BBQ and your outdoor furniture to protect them from the snow. Just make sure you keep expensive equipment covered with specialized coverings and make room for garden hoses, sprinklers, lawnmowers, and inflatable pool toys. You can use special hangers or boards to hang many of these items. You might even buy a portable shelving unit so you can lift these items off the floor and make room for your car.

Add More Wall Storage

Consider remodeling to add more wall storage space. You can install storage cabinets with doors to make things look neater and easier to maintain and clean the garage. To prevent tripping over bikes, skis, and snowboards, install garage racks so you can hang sports equipment and protect it from damage.

Remodel The Garage for a Warmer House

Consider warming the garage, so you spend less on energy bills. You can insulate the garage and add weather stripping to the doors and door jams to prevent heat from slipping out of the house when you go to the garage. This renovation will lower your electricity bill and help your furnace work more efficiently.

Fix or Replace the Garage Door

Before winter arrives lubricate all the moving parts of the door. If the garage door system has a problem, call in the service technician to take care of it before winter comes. Remove all debris from the working parts to keep the dust and dirt from affecting moving parts. Remove dirt from the track so you can open and close the garage door quickly in the winter. Professions such as the JTM Garage Door Service LLC mention that garage door upgrades should be handled correctly since they can be a large investment. If you are not certain that you have the skill or resources needed to care for your garage door, consider contacting an expert to assist you.

If your garage door has constant problems, consider replacing the door with a new insulated door to keep the heat in the home. Providing your garage with the care it needs will allow it to last for a long time no matter the weather conditions.