Many parents notice that their kids’ allergies start to flare up during the winter months, which may seem counterintuitive. This often happens because they spend more time indoors. Even when you keep your house clean, the home may have all sorts of allergens in it that they didn’t notice when it was warmer out and spent less time indoors. Here are some of the reasons why your kids’ allergies start acting up when the weather cools off.

Pet Dander

If you have pets, you probably have pet dander in your home. When your kids and your pets spend more time inside because of the cooler weather, you may notice that many members of your household end up having more issues with their allergies. You can combat this by brushing and bathing your pet more often so that you can reduce the amount of dander that they leave behind.

Dust Mites

Despite the fact that you may think that your house is very clean, you might find that dust mites are causing your kids’ allergies to act up. If you suspect that dust mites are the cause of some of your kids’ allergy issues, take the time to do some deep cleaning to see if that alleviates many of their symptoms.

A Malfunctioning HVAC System

Your HVAC system doesn’t just keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It also moves air throughout your home and is also a vital part of keeping your family healthy. If your kids are dealing with allergy issues that they didn’t deal with when they spent more time outside of your home, you should schedule maintenance for your HVAC system. The issue might be something as simple as needing to have the filter changed, or there could also be a larger issue occurring that needs HVAC repair.


There can be mold growing in your home without you even knowing it. Mold can grow from things like leaky pipes in the walls or water damage in the attic from a deteriorated roof. It can also occur if your children leave wet clothing or towels on the floor that sit there for an extended period of time. If you suspect that you have mold growing in your home, you do need to take care of this right away. Mold can cause all sorts of allergy and breathing issues and can be particularly dangerous to children.

Dealing with allergies can be annoying for both kids and parents. If you have noticed that your kids’ allergies have started to act up now that the weather has cooled off, it may be because there’s an issue in your home that needs to be addressed.