There are approximately 358,000 house fires each year within the United States alone. However, many house fires leave homeowners with enough of the house to rebuild the damaged areas. In this case, it is advisable to acquire the services of a restoration professional. The following are steps for restoring your home after a fire.

Contact the Insurance Company

The first call to make after a house fire should be to the insurance company. This is important because it sets in motion the claims process. It is advisable to talk to your agent about bringing in a professional into the restoration process. Also, file your complaint in writing to hasten the process. An insurance adjuster interviews homeowners on pre-existing damages.

Determine the Structural Damage

Hire a structural engineer to ensure that your home is steady before the house renovation begins. Their inspection identifies any structural damage and outlines any necessary repairs. Entry into the property should only occur after the inspector declares it safe enough.

Secure the Property

Once it is officially safe enough to begin restoration, the next step is to board up all openings in the building. A fire destroys the doors and windows of a house, increasing the risk of vandalism. The use of plywood to cover them up also protects the building from the elements and pests.

Dry Out

A fire can bring about stagnant water within a building, leading to significant water damage. This can be as a result of broken pipes or rain. Removing wet items such as furniture, rugs, insulation, and drywall helps prevent mildew and mold. Tarp off all open sections on the roof to limit further water damage. Commercial dehumidifiers and fans are also very helpful in promoting air circulation.


Soot contains corrosive and acidic traits that damage property surfaces. Smoke damage cleanup involves the removal of charred furniture, cabinets, and fixtures. It is also important to clean surfaces with a solution that has vinegar, borax, dishwashing detergent, and water. It helps to get rid of any residual smell of smoke that may remain within the building.

A house fire can be one of the worst experiences that you can go through. However, with the combined help of expert fire restoration services, electricians, and carpenters, most homes can undergo a successful restoration. Homeowners restore their homes by contacting the insurance company, deodorization, assessing structural damage, drying out, and securing the property.