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We all need to take responsibility for our own health and well-being, there are lots of ways that you can protect your health and live a more positive lifestyle. The key is to carefully consider all the decisions that you make about your health, from exercise to diet and self-care. To help you make a health plan today, these five ideas are an excellent place to start.

1 . Stay strong & flexible

As we age we are more prone to pulling our muscles, whether it’s a strained lower back or aches and pains from sitting at a desk. To keep your body in great condition the key is to build up your strength and flexibility.

Exercises that build your strength will help you to engage your core and reduce your chances of certain injuries. There are plenty of fitness activities that target the core, including strength training, yoga or Pilates. You can check out these activities using classes or apps, whichever you prefer.


2. An antioxidant-rich diet

Antioxidants refer to a type of molecule which prevents free radicals from damaging your body. High levels of free radicals are linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other adverse health conditions. To support your health you’ll need to eat plenty of antioxidant-rich foods. A few of the best foods for antioxidants include blueberries, pecans, kale, red cabbage, and spinach. Eating plenty of antioxidants will help to improve the health of your whole body.

3. Support your mental health

Certain mental health conditions are unavoidable, however, there are general preventative measures you can take to boost your mental health. Feeling stressed out can lead to many issues from poor sleep to low mood and anxiety. To lower your stress levels try techniques such as aromatherapy, breathing exercises, mindfulness, or talking therapies. Establish an effective self-care regime, you can get guidance from apps like Sanvello or Inner Hour.

4. Work on unhealthy habits

It’s easy to get into unhealthy habits, whether it’s eating too much junk food, smoking cigarettes, or not getting enough sleep. To boost your health and well being it can be helpful to set health goals. Unlearning problem behaviors can take a little time, so it’s important not to be too overly critical. Try keeping a journal to track your progress, and planning healthy activities to distract yourself.

5. Schedule health exams

Scheduling health exams is an important step to keep on top of your health. You’ll need to think about hearing tests, eye tests, cancer screenings, and gynecology visits. By booking health visits you can ensure that any underlying problems receive an early diagnosis. When medical practitioners fail to diagnose health issues the individual can be left with long-term issues. If you’ve experienced any type of medical malpractice it’s important to contact medical malpractice attorneys.

Protecting your health and well-being means being mindful of how you treat your body. Be honest with yourself, and identify the problem areas that you need to work on. Improving your lifestyle takes a little perseverance, so hang in there!