5 Places Water Can Leak in Your Home and How to Prevent It

If you live in an older home or just an old building, you likely have some water leakage problems. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to prevent these leaks from occurring and damaging your home any further. Here are five simple steps to prevent water leaks in your home:

Water Heater Leaking

Hot water leaking into the attic is a common problem in older homes. Leaking water heaters can damage your ceiling and attic and cause mold to grow. Check your gas or electric water heater regularly for signs of leaks, such as rust stains or dripping from faucets near your heater. When you notice a leak, contact a plumber right away to have it repaired before more damage is done.

Shower Faucet Needs Sealing

Another common culprit for leaks is the shower faucet. You’ll save money and energy by making sure water doesn’t escape from your shower faucet’s faulty sealing. Check your faucet to make sure it’s functioning properly. If you notice that water is dripping from it, or if there are chips in it, you’ll need to get a professional out right away to replace it as this wear and tear can cause leaks.

Frozen Pipes Under Basement Floor

There’s a common misconception that frozen pipes in an unheated area, like your basement, won’t cause any damage. In reality, frozen pipes don’t thaw on their own and they need to be fixed immediately. To prevent frozen pipes, keep your basement insulated and make sure it stays above freezing at all times during the winter months.

Pipes Cracking From Frost Outside Foundation Wall

Water pipes located outside can, and often do, crack in freezing temperatures. That means water will start to leak out of your walls which can be quite costly to repair. It’s important to have water pipes buried at least six inches below ground level in an exterior wall so they are protected from frost. If you have pipes in a basement or crawl space that is exposed, be sure to wrap them with insulation when it gets cold.

Windows Need Sealing

Home windows are a major source of heat loss, but they also cause a lot of water damage. If your home is built with double-paned windows, they may not be sealed correctly. If you don’t have time to fix them yourself, find a local window repair company who can come out and do it for you.

Water leaks can be disastrous to your home, not to mention your bank account, so it’s important to identify and stop water leaks as soon as they happen. Make sure to address these five common problem areas where water can leak in your home so that you’re prepared next time the faucet starts dripping or pipe bursts unexpectedly.