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Motorcycles are unquestionably cool, exciting, and they save on fuel. However, if proper safety measures are ignored, the thrilling adventure can turn into a horrific accident. The risks involved with riding a motorcycle are pretty numerous, and motorcycle accidents tend to be worse than car accidents. However, for parents with teenage children, taking time to warn and sensitize your kids on how they can stay safe in their motorbike can save their lives. Doing small actions such as checking if the weather is safe to ride in is essential. Here are a few ways to keep your teen safe on their motorcycle.

Confirm the weather

Before slowing your son or daughter to go for a long ride on their bike, it is important to be cautious about the weather they are going out in. Unlike cars, motorcycles do not have windscreens or windows; therefore, the rider can be adversely affected by rainfall, snow, and other conditions. It is dangerous to ride in the rain, as their bike can easily slide or skid, causing accidents. Heavy downpours also reduce visibility and increase the chances of a head-on collision with other motorists on the road. Checking the weather forecast before going out to get an idea of how the weather will be can help prevent these.

Ensure they dress appropriately/wear motorcycle gear

Another way to keep your teen safe while they’re out riding is to ensure they have the proper protective gear. Safe riding gear consists of goggles, a DOT-approved helmet, leather pants and a leather jacket, safety boots, and a pair of gloves with good grip. These are the bare essentials for riding a bike, although you may advise them to layer clothes in case of the weather changes during the day.

Train them on road safety and the dangers of speeding

This is an essential part of teaching teens how to stay safe while on the bike. Sensitizing them on how dangerous it is to speed, even on open roads, what to do in case of an accident, first aid basics, etc will help them to avoid potentially dangerous situations. It can also be a great idea to have a New York motorcycle accident attorney ready to call in case of a road accident involving other motorists. Going above the recommended speed limit can be dangerous, even for seasoned riders. Unlike vehicles, motorbikes do not have a chassis fitted with airbags; therefore, they will not provide protection in case of an accident. Statistics show that motorcycle accidents are far worse compared to car accidents.

Take a course on bike safety

It is common knowledge to take driving and riding classes even before getting on a motorcycle, but it is essential to emphasize the importance of these classes. A safety class will help your teen hone their judgment skills to know when the road is safe enough to ride on. Driving a motorbike needs alertness in addition to good skills and proper judgment. Your child should read and understand all the road signs and obey the traffic rules to ensure they stay on the right side of the law each time.

Inspect their bike before they go out

This is one of the most crucial things to do before allowing your son or daughter to go for a ride. Checking their bike to ensure it is in perfect condition can save their lives. The key elements you need to inspect are the leading lights, the head, and taillights. Check the pressure of the tires to ensure they’re right. Check to see the indicators are working as well as the horn. Don’t forget to check their brakes as well. If any of these components are broken or not working perfectly, be sure to fix it or get it fixed by a mechanic before your child can go out for a ride.

Studies have shown that riding a motorbike has excellent health benefits, both mental and physical. It can also save on fuel costs as motorcycles are fuel-efficient compared to vehicles. However, motorcycles are four times more likely to be involved in accidents than cars, therefore calling for extra care when riding them. With the proper precautions taken, their rides can be thrilling even when using unfamiliar roads. These are just a few tips to help you keep your children safe even as they drive their bikes to school and other places.