Little girl moving into new house, near cardboard box.

Now that you’ve finally bought your first home, you can’t wait to move in and start getting settled down. However, while you should of course be excited, you also need to know what to expect as you make this important transition. To make sure everything gets started off on the right foot, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Do a Walkthrough When You Arrive

On the first day that you move into your new home, it’s always best to do a walkthrough to make sure everything is just as you expected. This will allow you to make sure everything that was supposed to be included in the sale of the house is actually there, everything works as expected, and so forth. If you find anything that doesn’t go with the terms of the sale contract, talk to your realtor immediately.

Make Repairs a Priority

Unless you are buying a brand-new home, you likely have a few repairs that will need to be made along the way. Oftentimes, plumbing is among the items that get neglected when running through a repair list. Therefore, make plumbing and other types of repairs a top priority. By doing so, you not only gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing things have been repaired but also likely avoid bigger and more expensive repairs that would come if you ignore the problems.

Utilities and Related Details

If all went well with the sale, you probably arranged for your water, electricity, phone, internet, satellite television, and other services to be up and running on move-in day. However, even if you had the best-laid plans, expect there to be a hitch or two regarding these matters. Whether it’s the electricity being delayed a day or two or issues with getting your satellite TV signal set up perfectly, don’t let these relatively minor problems get you discouraged.

You’re the New Kids on the Block

Finally, remember that you and your family are the new kids on the block when you arrive at your new home. Because of this, expect the neighbors to be a bit curious about you at the beginning. To break the ice, don’t hesitate to strike up conversations as your new neighbors walk by or come over to welcome you to the neighborhood. By doing so, you can find out numerous details, such as the best places to shop and other information about your community.

By knowing what to expect as you transition to your first home, the process can be less stressful and even turn out to be a fun adventure for you and your family.