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Unless you are rich, everyone needs to work. But the pandemic changed the world and how we do business. A lot of people have been left wondering if they want to go back to the way things were before. Some people are ready to get back to normal while others don’t want to go back to this. So, what do you do if you need to work but don’t want to go back to your previous working arrangements?

Work for yourself

There was a huge surge in businesses that opened during the pandemic as people dedicated to ditch their jobs and look elsewhere. If you check out the trending business for sale categories in the local area, you might be surprised at what is available. You could start your own business from scratch or you could buy an existing one. The choice is yours. All that matters is that you are your own boss. If you are not sure about what steps you should take to be a business owner, then you might need to do some research and some soul searching to see if it is for you.

Change your job

As a lot of businesses are pushing for employees to get back to the office, they are finding themselves short-staffed and with no one to help them. Hundreds of people are jumping ship and finding themselves better jobs that give them the working life that they desire. There has been a lot of talk about jobs not being available, and this is untrue. There are plenty of jobs available, the problem is finding one that is decent. People are not prepared to work for jobs that undervalue them and don’t make them feel good.

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Work from home

On the back of the previous point, a lot of businesses have recognized that their employees have worked well from home. With this in mind, they are happy to let their employees work from home for the foreseeable future. If there is talk about going back to the office, you might want to speak to your employer to see if they can allow you to work from home. Working from home is still working, and a lot of places would prefer to have their employees in their pj’s while doing spreadsheets than no employees at all.

Leave work completely

During the pandemic, you may have been thrust into the role of primary caregiver, and you may have loved it. Taking time from work like this can change how you see the world. If you have a partner who loves their job and makes more money, it can make sense for you to stay at home with the kids while they work. Not only is this great for your mental health, but it can save you a fortune on childcare costs. This is one of those things you might need to speak to your partner about before deciding.

Go part-time

If you don’t like the idea of heading back to the office full-time, how about part-time instead? Depending on how much you earn, how much it will cost to go back to work, it might be an idea to go part-time with your current job. Having this option might make life a bit easier as you can still be at home but can still earn some money for your household. Speak to your boss about the possibility of working part-time to see if it is something that will work for you.

Hybrid model

The final solution we have to offer is the hybrid model. This involves working from home part of the week, and the other part you head into the office. Many businesses are choosing to do this rather than lose their workforce. This also allows people more flexibility when they are working. This model is turning out to be ideal for many people as they can head into the office as little or as much as they want to. This might be the way forward for a lot of people as the world returns to normal.

If you are feeling unsure about going back to work, you should sit down and talk to someone that can help you process your feelings. Speak to your partner about the options that are available and what will work best for your family. You never know what will be an option until you talk to the people around you. And, most importantly, keep yourself and your family safe, including your mental health as you move forward.