Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to plan out some fun activities for you and your family. We have put together a list of six different things you can do this summer. Whether you are looking for something indoors or outdoors, we guarantee there will be something on this list that interests you. Keep reading to learn more about these great activities.


The warmth of the sun can be a great excuse to bring out that old bike from storage and go for a ride. There is nothing like fresh air on your face after being cooped up all winter! And if you want an adventure, take it one step further by biking through nature trails or unpaved roads. If you’re not quite ready to tackle those types of trails, don’t worry. You can always stick with flat terrain until you build up strength and confidence.

Go surfing

You can surf year-round, but it’s much easier to learn at Santa Barbara Surf School during the summertime. You will get two different options to offer for learning how to surf in Santa Barbara. First, you can learn the basics of surfing through private or group lessons on the beach. That is during either morning or afternoon sessions. Also if you want more hands-on training, sign up for their one-day camp. Where instructors will walk participants through every step of paddleboarding. While also teaching them about ocean awareness and self-defense techniques against sharks.

Go Swimming

Dive right in at an outdoor swimming pool! It can get pretty hot over the summertime which makes this activity perfect. So, why not take a break from all that activity and relax by the water? Even if it’s just for an hour, spending time out in nature is always refreshing. Since there will always be people around that love spending as much time as possible by the water. Plus, many pools offer lessons/classes that might be worth checking out. If you’ve never swum competitively before.

Visit tourist attractions

Explore some of the famous tourist attractions in your city. There’s no better time to do this than during summer. Because most places will be open for extended hours and there won’t be as many crowds (or lines) at popular locations. Such as amusement parks or museums that charge an entry fee. If it gets too hot, just go inside for a while until the sun goes down again. Then take advantage of those night views when everything is illuminated by artificial light instead.

Go camping

Camping might be one of those things that seem fun only when other people want to do it. But once your friends back out last minute, don’t let yourself get discouraged. This will still be an excellent way to spend some time alone while getting away from the bright lights of civilization and all that noise. Make sure you’re prepared for everything by bringing lots of food, water, and some form of shelter since this will ensure your safety. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break every once in a while so get out there.

Invite some friends for indoor activities

Invite some friends over for a barbeque in the backyard. If you have one, that is! Of course, this might not be possible during the wintertime. So seeing as how summer is right around the corner (and it’s coveted by everyone). There are plenty of opportunities to use your grill more often than usual. Plus, people will always appreciate delicious food. Which makes hosting get-togethers even easier if you’re short on time or energy after work/school.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of things to do during the summer for people who like spending time outside. However, if you want something more active and stimulating. These activities will be perfect for staying occupied this season. So get out there before everyone else does or it’s too late. Try surfing in Santa Barbara through private lessons, a one-day camp, or group classes on flat land. Depending on your preference/skills level. You can also go swimming at an outdoor pool by taking advantage of their extended hours. Plus many pools offer beginner classes that might pique your interest. Also visiting famous tourist attractions is always better when they’re open later. So check the schedule beforehand if possible. Finally inviting friends over for a barbeque in the backyard. Or hosting get-togethers at your place is another great way to spend time with people.