Your home should be your own personal oasis. Why wait until your next vacation to feel as if you are living in the lap of luxury? There are a number of easy things that you can do to add a touch of elegance to any living space. Here are six of the best subtle decor ideas to bring elegance to your home.

Update the Window Treatments

You can transform the look of any room quickly by updating the window treatments. By changing up the light that filters into the room, you can create any look that you want. Go with sheer white curtains to give an elegant wash of light into a dining area. Or choose heavier and darker drapers to create a look of premium beauty in the bedroom.

In addition to curtains, you can also consider adding blinds to inject more elegance into a space. Plantation shutters are great for a kitchen while bamboo shades will create a resort vibe in a bathroom.

Dark Paint Color

Darker paint colors will naturally create sophistication in a room. While light and airy hues open up a space, a dark color will convey glamour and luxury. Good choices include dark gray, navy, or even black.

Choosing a texture paint will carry this look even further. This type of paint will deliver a natural flat finish that will not chip or fade over time. If you are unsure about painting an entire room dark, try the paint on just one accent wall.

Add Some Greenery

If you are on a budget but want to spruce up your home, consider adding some greenery to every room. Plants and fresh flowers add an instant sense of calm and natural beauty to any space.

You will be surprised at what a simple vase of flowers on your kitchen table will do to add life to that room. If you have the space, floor vases filled with greenery and blooms will add color and sophistication to the area. Do not shy away from faux plants. Today’s faux greenery and flowers appear more real than ever before without all of the work.

Include Metallic Finishes

If you are not ready for an entire room makeover, consider adding some small metallic finishes to the space. Gold is naturally associated with glam and money. A gold metallic finish brightens up any area and also pairs well with a variety of color palettes, giving you maximum versatility.

Good ideas include metallic light fixtures, cabinet door handles, and electrical coverings. Simply replacing your wooden picture frames with a mix of gold and silver frames can add more elegance to the walls. You can also go bigger with a gold accent table or metallic bar stools. Do not be afraid to mix different metal finishes.

Replace Flooring

One of the first things that you will notice about any room is the flooring. While carpeting may contribute to a warm and cozy vibe, it does not necessarily scream elegance.

The epitome of premium flooring is the traditional hardwood variety. Classic hardwood flooring oozes luxury. If you cannot afford this type of flooring, there are a variety of laminate or vinyl plank options that will create a similar look without the financial investment. You can also consider adding a large area rug to a room to create more dimension and texture.

Consider the Details

Do not underestimate the impact that the little details can make when your goal is to create a more refined vibe in your room. Plush blankets and throw pillows add a touch of coziness to a room while still being tasteful.

An elegant bud vase, a unique table lamp, and a tray filled with your favorite candles are all easy additions to make a space stand out. Once you have the major pieces in place, you can begin to gather accessories to finish the look of refinement that you are trying to portray with your home.

Regardless of your budget, there are numerous things that you can do to make any room in your home look and feel elegant. You will love spending time in this space if you feel as if you made the effort to make it exactly as you want it.