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If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and feel like all day you are walking through a fog, you need to up your energy levels as soon as possible. However, if your go-to pick-me-up is caffeine-related, you should know that there are more natural ways to boost your enthusiasm for daily life. 

Below are six top tips that guarantee to leave you feeling energized without the need for any unhealthy habits. 

  1. Limit stress

While this may be easier said than done, when you feel too stressed, your body’s fight or flight response kicks in. Although this can help you to power through a particular task, you will eventually start to come down from this natural high, and you are likely to experience very low energy levels. 

Avoid this by actively looking at ways to reduce your stress levels and by trying to find healthy ways to deal with stress, such as meditation. 

  1. Stay active

You may think that physical activity would make you feel more tired, not less, but actually, staying active can help you to stay more alert and focused. That being said, if you are feeling an energy slump, exercise is probably the last thing you want to do. For days like this, focus your efforts on low-intensity activities such as breathing exercises and stretching. 

  1. Supplement your diet 

Do you rely heavily on sugar to get you through the day? If yes, then it is no wonder your energy levels are all over the place. Although it can be hard to give up your favorite sweet treats, you don’t need to suddenly switch to eating a rainbow.

Instead, look for a supplement that is specifically designed to detox so that you can effectively remove any toxins from your body. You can find some amazing cleanse and detox supplements at

  1. Limit unhealthy habits

Both alcohol and smoking can have negative effects on your energy levels. The former interferes with your sleep patterns, and the latter reduces the amount of oxygen transported around the body, which, over time, can lead to reduced energy. 

Try to give up smoking completely and limit your alcohol intake so that you are within the recommended daily amount. 

  1. Be sociable 

If you tend to put your social life on pause when you are feeling tired, then you should know that socializing with others is actually good for your energy levels. Of course, you shouldn’t plan an all-nighter when you are not feeling your best, but some lunch and a catch-up, or better still, some form of physical activity with a pal, will definitely leave you feeling brighter. 

  1. Play your favorite song 

There is nothing quite like belting out the lyrics to your favorite tune to get your endorphins flowing. Plus, singing gives you an emotional high, so you don’t need to rely on unhealthy habits to get you through times of low energy. 

If you are at work when you feel the urge to sing, maybe pop to the restroom so that you don’t scare your co-workers!