What do you say about a weekend outside? The fresh air, the beautiful views, the chance to have some quality time with your family are all great reasons. But what about when it rains? Or is it too cold? It’s all good! There are plenty of activities that can be done indoors or out that will keep everyone entertained and happy, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. Here’s our guide on how to have a successful weekend outdoors with your family.

Start with a Camp out in your Backyard

Set up tents and have some fun looking for the perfect spot to make s’mores under the stars while being protected from bugs by mosquito nets. If it gets too hot, pop into your pool! Make sure everyone brings their swimsuits to take a quick dip during the night if need be.

Go on an Indoor Hike or Treasure Hunt instead of an outdoor one

Pick up flashlights and head off together through your house, making use of all the nooks and crannies you usually miss when walking around normally, such as crawl spaces or behind shelves where exciting things could be hidden away with no one noticing until now. Also, you can break out those board games that are collecting dust in the basement or attic. Pull out Twister, Tic Tac Toe, and any other old-school favorites that can be just as fun today as they were when you were a kid.

Take Small Children on Mini Hikes or Bike Rides

They are more likely to want to go if they’re engaged right away – so bring along their favorite stuffed animal too. You’ll have fun playing games like I Spy (carrots), singing songs from Jungle Book (or whatever movie/TV show has stuck with them lately), as well as learning how many trees there are in this forest. Make sure that anything you take with you stays within sight at all times, so they don’t get lost.

Rock Climbing

The entire family will enjoy getting into a new sport together, like canoeing or rock climbing. They usually require minimal equipment and are pretty easy to learn, but they still give you the opportunity for some actual physical activity! Check out your local sports club to see what they have available in rentals, classes, etc. Your kids can challenge themselves by going against their dad/brothers while everyone gets stronger as they work together, paddling down the lake/climbing that cliff face. Who knows – maybe one day the entire family could go on an adventure race together.

Visit the Local State Parks

You can also plan a family trip to one of your local state parks. Most have trails that are well marked and mapped out with lots of exciting information about the animals, plants, etc., in the region – all accompanied by beautiful views! They will learn so much while having fun exploring whatever you end up choosing together.

Overnight Camping Adventure

What about planning an overnight camping adventure? Nothing could bring you closer than sitting around a campfire under the stars (or clouds if it’s raining!). Your kids will love telling ghost stories or trying their hand at roasting marshmallows on sticks for smores!! Make sure they know how important it is not to wander off alone into the woods, too, though safety first after all ;).

Now for Extra Tips:

Read books about camping and hiking, then go online after to find some places nearby worth visiting! You’ll have a great time no matter what happens outside because being with family is always well spent time.

Being out of the house means you will have more fresh air, sunshine, and exposure. Thus, enjoy all-natural products and help your kids become more productive when they return home from their camping trip!

If all else fails, there are plenty of indoor activities for kids to do, such as cooking classes where everyone works together to make something delicious (and tasty even if it doesn’t turn out quite right). Or head off on an adventure in your local library.

Final Thought

A weekend outdoors with your family can be a great way to spend time together and enjoy the great environment around you. Getting everyone out of the house will allow them to exercise, learn about nature, explore new things, and find peace in some fresh air.