Décor is everything. It can make your open-floor home look modern and unforgettable or bland. You probably want your home to make a statement, and you can do that if you follow the trends. The following are some modern décor ideas to consider if you want your home to stand out.

Flexible Dividers

One trend that’s taking off in open-floor homes is the flexible dividers trend. Homeowners are installing various types of dividers to change the way their rooms look. One day, they want the room open, but another day they want to sectionalize the room. This is something they can do if they install flexible dividers. Folks are installing curtains to sectionalize the room; others are relying on room dividers. Both look great and can be quite decorative.

Bold Wall Décor

Some homeowners are getting a little bolder with their wall art or décor. The large wall décor trend was born out of the need to be bolder. With so much wall space, homeowners wanted to do something interesting that makes the space worthwhile, so many turned to larger-than-life art pieces. If you look for this type of décor, make sure you look for wild patterns or colors. You want something that can grab people’s attention. It’s important that what you choose also feels like you, no matter how long it takes to accomplish this.

Textured Furniture

Another trend that’s picking up steam is textured furniture. Instead of those clean and solid smooth surfaces, people are looking to reinvent the way furniture looks and feels. People are investing in textured furniture with surfaces made out of everything, from slat-like grooves to sculpted rattan. It’s a different look for furniture, but that makes things exciting and new. People are gravitating towards furniture with a natural look and texture. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s the type of texture you like to feel.

Biophilic Design

The biophilic design trend is getting popular. Homeowners want to bring nature into their households one way or another. The open floor plan is providing folks with the perfect canvas for this trend. People are finding creative ways to add plant life to their spaces, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to just install ceiling plant hooks. These come in different sizes so that you can install all sorts of plants. Cascading plants would be a good addition, giving your home a touch of the jungle. This is especially important for folks who stay indoors because of their jobs. Nature has a way of relaxing you, so adding this is a smart idea.

Earthy Paint Tones

For a while, homeowners wanted neutral paint colors. People usually opted for something like white, grey, or off-white, but that was pretty much it. That’s starting to change. The trend is shifting towards earthy paint tones. This means wood-like colors, dark browns, dark greens, stone-like colors, and anything that reminds you of nature but usually on the dark side. As mentioned earlier, people are trying to find ways to make their homes feel more natural, and they’re doing that with paint, too. If you’re thinking of making these sorts of updates, be sure the paint you choose matches your décor.

Round Shapes

Homeowners are gravitating towards round shapes. Some people are even hanging teardrop lounge chairs. These are quite comfortable and allow you to lean easily as you read one of your favorite novels or while you’re browsing through the web on your phone. The suspended feeling gives you a feeling of weightlessness, which is cool, and adding this type of furniture to an open floor plan makes everything look more interesting. Most of the time, these hanging teardrop lounge chairs are made out of something natural but sturdy like wicker, but that’s just one option. Consider installing a few of these to make the room feel thought out.

These are just some décor trends that are taking off; there are others you could look into. As you check out these suggestions, see what might work for you, or talk to an interior designer about what could be done to make your home look perfect.

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