In today’s world, people need to run virtual meetings if they want to bring everyone together. However, when you run a virtual meeting, you must focus on getting your people to pay attention since it can quickly become boring. If you want to make your virtual meetings more interactive, you should try out these five ideas.

Use Cameras

You should have the people involved with the virtual meeting turn on their cameras. Ask everyone there to turn on the cameras and have people with their cameras off to turn them on, so you can see everyone. On top of that, you should set up the meeting to show everyone on the screen, so people can see themselves during the meeting.

If people can see themselves on their screens, they will be mindful of how they act and what they do. This can increase their odds of avoiding distractions since they know you can see them. While it won’t guarantee discussions, it will start the framework for you to increase interactions.

Get the Right Software

If you want to make virtual meetings more interactive, you should find the right software for the meetings. For example, you can find software that detects the main speaker and puts them on the screen, so everyone can easily see them. This helps with interactions since people understand they can draw attention to themselves by speaking during the meeting.

For example, you can easily get operated assisted conference calling to help you with your meetings. They allow you to easily connect with others, interact and discuss important parts of your business together. Make sure you find the ideal software for your business, so you can improve the virtual meeting experience for everyone.

Ask Questions

If you want others to interact during your meeting, you can literally ask them to do so. When you run a virtual meeting, you can encourage people to interact by asking questions during the meeting. That way, people feel the need to answer and spend time talking, so you can make everything more interactive and interesting for people there.

However, if you want to ask questions, you should make sure you ask open-ended questions instead of ones with specific answers. For example, you should avoid asking questions with yes or no answers since they won’t encourage interaction. As you ask questions, you will encourage more discussion and interaction during the virtual meeting.

Make It Timely

You don’t want to waste time during a virtual meeting, so make sure you create a timely meeting to avoid boredom. The longer your meeting goes on, the more bored people will become which will lower overall interactions. This means you should focus on making it short while tackling everything you need to during the meeting.

Make sure you plan out the meeting to ensure it lasts the right length. While you could go for an hour-long meeting if you have enough to discuss, but you should try to aim for 30 or 45 minutes. As you do this, you can ensure you talk about everything you need to during the meeting.

Have Others Participate

If you want an interactive meeting, you need to focus on making others participate. You can’t expect others to participate on their own, so make sure you go through the details and encourage others to talk. If you don’t encourage them, people will sit on the sidelines and wait to see what happens during the meeting.

You can ask people beforehand to participate in the meeting. Let them know the schedule and ask them to handle parts of it, so you can encourage more people to interact during the meeting. When more people get involved, you won’t spread yourself thin, so everyone can work together to increase the interaction of your various workers.


If you need to have virtual meetings at your business, you should focus on making them more interactive for your employees. They need to pay attention, but you must put effort into holding their attention if you want the meetings to succeed and encourage some interaction. Feel free to go through these five tips, so your business can have a more interactive virtual meeting experience.