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When you’re starting a new business, having some passion, or at least understanding for the field that you’re getting into is crucial. However, if you’re able to adapt your skills to them or to find the right partners to go in with you, then finding your place in one of the emerging or growing industries of this year can be an excellent way to get into a market with plenty of opportunities. As such, here are a few industries that might be worth looking more closely at.

The virtual world continues to get bigger

Some might think that virtual reality hit its heyday a few years ago when multiple different headsets were released all around roughly the same time. While it is true that VR videogame sales have cooled a little bit, there are still plenty of applications that are starting to see more and more use of this technology. Already, virtual reality is being used in health care, tourism, real estate, and much more. Either working directly with the hardware or developing software for this growing space could offer plenty of potential for success.

Grow your way to success

There are few industries revolving around gardening and growing that are quite as fast-growing as the cannabis industry. It is true that this industry is already well-established in the past few years depending on where you go, but there are more opportunities opening up as lawmakers get closer to making it legal in more and more places. Regardless of its legality, working with a cannabis lawyer is vital if you plan to join this budding industry. There are still strict rules around products, how they can be sold, marketing, and so on.

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The deal with data

Tech is always going to be a field ripe for new developments and emerging skillsets. One that has seen considerable growth over the past few years is that of Big Data. More and more organizations and businesses are looking for ways to gain insights from all the data that they gather but do not centralize, and either working to help these businesses get the Big Data insights they need or building platforms that allow their own teams to do it could be a very lucrative niche to find oneself in.

The push for green energy

Though it has already been growing consistently for several years now, we can expect renewable and eco-friendly energy is going to get even more investment over the coming years, a lot of it coming from state organizations as the reality of the climate crisis dawns over many of us. This can include commercially available options such as solar panels, heat pumps, and so on. However, there is also more investment money to go into the research side of things for those who think they can get on the ground floor of green tech.

Identifying an industry is just the start. Ensuring that you can plan a business that fits it, with the expertise you need to run it, comes next.