You obviously don’t want to sit at home in the dark, so if you’re remodeling an outdated interior, your lighting will be one of the most important aspects of your new design plan. Perhaps you aren’t sure which light fixtures to choose for your improved kitchen or any other room in your newly redesigned living space. If you want to be sure that your decorating scheme will look up-to-date, there are multiple home lighting trends you’ll want to pay attention to this year:

Soft Gold Light Fixtures

For light fixtures and most other surfaces, the recent trend of rose gold is over and done with. Chrome has been another popular finish for various fixtures in the home. Chrome is still selling reasonably well for use in some areas of the home. In particular, chrome remains popular for use in the bathroom. However, sales of chrome-finished light fixtures are showing signs towards trending down in some areas of the United States. In particular, this trend is noticeable in coastal cities where the “early adopters” live.

Enter the newest up-and-coming metallic surface, which is soft gold. The popular gold-colored finish at the moment is only faintly metallic. It isn’t overtly shiny or glittery. To achieve this look, keep an eye out for brushed gold and brass finishes with a more matte appearance.

Globe-Shaped Lights

Globe-shaped lights were very popular in the 1970s. You’d see them in residential living spaces, and they’d also make appearances in public spaces like libraries and cafeterias. This time around, the globe-shaped lighting trend is a little different. Instead of being overtly retro and “groovy”, the look is more sophisticated.

Globe-shaped lighting can be tricky to implement without making your home look like a 1970s cocktail lounge. If you’re remodeling your home, it’s ideal to consult with an interior designer to ensure you get the nuances right. It’s also crucial to have a licensed electrical contractor perform the work on this type of lighting. In fact, you’ll most likely need to have your contractor carry out the entire lighting redesign project. This is because, first of all, it’s dangerous to attempt electrical work if you don’t know what you’re doing. Furthermore, laws in many jurisdictions require electrical work to be done by a licensed professional.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting has been steadily gaining traction over the past decade. Continued interest in this type of lighting is a carry-over trend from years past. Sales in this category of interior lighting are still going strong, and they are expected to continue growing until at least 2026, according to Marketwatch.

If you don’t already have recessed lighting in your kitchen, it is definitely worth considering installing it. The benefits are numerous. One prominent benefit is that recessed lighting, when installed thoughtfully, can make your living space seem larger. The tiny home trend may have helped to fuel the interest in lighting schemes such as this that can help to visually enlarge a space.

Hopefully this lighting trend report has sparked some ideas for the lighting design you might want to try next in your home. Some of these ideas are likely to resonate with you more than others. Popular or not, it’s safe to rule out any of these design trends if they don’t suit the style of your home or your own sense of what is aesthetically pleasing. If any of these home lighting trends happen to be compatible with your personal style, those are the trends to give the strongest consideration to implementing when you redecorate your home.