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Being ‘too useful’ can sometimes be a bad thing. That might seem quite silly to say, but in certain jobs, being irreplaceable can actually lead you to a less favorable position. For instance, if you’re already doing excellent work in a given role, to the point where no one could really replace you, and if you’re continually going above and beyond, why should management think about promoting you and paying you more to do those tasks you’re already shouldering? It’s a net loss for them to try and improve your situation in this way.

As you can see, sometimes, keeping our self-respect as a versatile employee means focusing on our priorities and considering exactly what role we occupy in a business. Sometimes, it means learning the necessary art of gauging your situation and truly reviewing the messaging that management is giving you. This doesn’t mean you need to be hostile in any respect but rather understanding that overwork for the sake of it, or to hope for future rewards one day is not necessarily a virtue by itself.

In this post, we’ll help you leverage the already careful application of your skill and help you make the most of it.

Curate Your Professional Development

It’s important to curate your professional development in the best manner you can. Yes, jobs are there to exchange your labor for their salary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t volunteer for placements, or opt for training seminars such as public speaking engagements, and more. Professional development can also be aided by confidently and caringly asking your managers for more training or if you can attend trade events from time to time. This way, you’re fortifying your resume on the company’s dime.

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Learn How To Say ‘No’

Managers can sometimes ask too much of those with salaried positions, and sometimes, saying yes to all of that only lets them know they can lean on you time and time again. Annoyingly enough, this means that if you refuse, it’s much more noticeable than the reward given to someone who says ‘no’ all of the time and then one day does decide to help. Learn how to say ‘no,’ because it can help you show that you do have boundaries and that you’re not afraid to ensure your professional rights are exercised. Speaking of that:

Don’t Be Afraid To Exercise Your Rights

Don’t be afraid to exercise your rights. They’re quite literally your rights for a reason. And they were hard-won. This might involve being able to reject calls into the office when it’s your time, or being penalized for silly reasons, or being harassed at work. Perhaps you become injured and realize you’re entitled to worker’s compensation. Ozeran Law can help you above and beyond in these situations, and it’s essential to make sure you focus on that with care and attention. The more you can keep that in mind, the better.

With this advice, keeping your self-respect as a versatile employee will be second nature.

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