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Struggling to sell your house as is? 

Not everyone can afford to spend money to make money, meaning adding serious value to your house could be out of the question. 

However, there are plenty of little things you can do to help your house sell quicker, without breaking the bank. 

Go neutral

If you haven’t already, painting the walls in neutral shades is a good first step. Creating a blank canvas can help potential buyers visualize themselves in the space. If you have three daughters, all with bright pink bedrooms, it can be pretty difficult for the working professionals to imagine themselves using the rooms. 

Neutral shades often help the house look and feel more spacious and brighter – which is never a bad thing. 

Add plants to the front step

Curb appeal is a key practice used by realtors who want to sell a house. You want to draw potential buyers in and make the outside of your home look welcoming. Those with a little budget could go further and add outdoor lighting or paint the front door. However, simply adding a few planters filled with beautiful blooms could do just the trick. 

Make it smell nice

You’ll be surprised how much more appealing your house will be if you improve your house fragrance. Spraying a little air freshener is going to seem a bit last minute, and buyers could think you’re trying to mask the smell of something (like damp). However, introducing a delicious fragrance to the house through candles or plug-in diffusers will create a more natural but attractive smell around the house. 

Use a grout pen

Grouting can be incredibly annoying. A few years down the line and it’s looking far from the white it used to be. For a temporary fix, you might want to spruce it up with a grout pen. These nifty little pens are available in most DIY shops and will freshen up the existing grout. If you find that white isn’t really working well, black grout is incredibly trendy at the moment. Fill in the grout with a black grout pen, and your potential buyers won’t suspect a thing. 

Remove personal items

The final tip is to remove all your personal items from the house. Store them away in the car if you’ve only got a few viewings, or ask a relative to keep hold of them until the sale goes through. Like the bright pink walls, personal photos, trinkets, and mementos can make it difficult for other people to imagine themselves in the house. Although it might make the house feel a little bare, there are plenty of décor items you can move around the home to fill in the gaps. 

Although none of these ideas are going to add value to your home, they might just help you sell the property a little faster. And on a small budget, these ideas aren’t so farfetched that you’ll have to do some serious investing. With a little spruce and tidying, you will find a buyer in no time.