If you are struggling to get your family outdoors more often, there are a few activities that your whole family will love, and they will get plenty of healthy exercise. The activity may depend on where you live and the weather year-round. For example, if you live somewhere that it rains a lot and you don’t like to bike in the rain, it may be essential to have a backup activity for days that it rains. This habit ensures that your family gets outside regularly regardless of the weather!

Set a Schedule

Setting a schedule that works for the whole family is much easier when getting them all outside. So whether you want to schedule one family day a week for an outdoor activity or do something daily after dinner, it is crucial to have a schedule, so everyone knows when to show up for the activity.

Pick a place to schedule activities for the whole family, so they can see changes or new activities that you add during the week. For example, you may add a trip to the golf course on the weekend for the whole family on the calendar you put on the fridge. This location allows everyone to see your additions and cancellations even when they have a busy schedule.

Choose an Activity

Choosing a main outdoor activity and a backup activity is essential if there is bad weather! While you may not have to go inside if it rains or snows, you may want to go ice-skating or cross country skiing instead of hiking.

Have your family write down the outdoor activities that they like the most. Then, if everyone likes something different, you can put the activities into a rotation so that everyone gets to spend time doing what they like to do. Then, you can vote, draw straws, or pick the activity that the youngest person wants to do first.

Gather Supplies

Once you’ve decided on the outdoor activities your family wants to do and added them to the schedule, it is time to make sure you are prepared for the activity.

If you decide to go golfing, it is essential to have the proper attire on the course! For example, order women’s golf tops and clubs for your kids before the day everyone starts golfing. Also, it is important to reserve a tee time and golf cart if you will use one.

If you decide that camping is a suitable activity for your family to get outside regularly, start gathering all of your necessities right away. You may need to get many supplies for camping the first time, but then all you’ll have to take is minor essentials. Pack your supplies in large plastic tubs to make them easy to carry to and from your vehicle.

Your family may want to try biking after dinner during the summer months. Getting everyone bikes is also great because everyone can use them independently also. A bike can give your kids transportation more freedom and encourage them to get outside and enjoy the outdoors! Consider getting a bike rack for your vehicle, so you can take bikes with you if you go on vacation or want to take them camping with you.

Give Plenty of Notice

If you have a busy schedule, then you may also have a family with a busy schedule. Consider adding automatic reminders by dating text messages to go out in the future as a reminder for the activity. This allows everyone to remember to get prepared and clear their personal calendars.

Leave Everything Else Behind

Part of getting your family motivated to spend more time outside is getting them to let go of the things that busy them inside. Even work is a hindrance when it comes time to spend time in nature. It may take a few times, but leaving behind attachments to smartphones, video games, homework, work, and TV is vital to enjoying time outside. While you may have family members who don’t enjoy doing this at first, it is essential to stick with the plan because they will start to enjoy it once they realize there is a benefit to being outside. If you have family members that need extra work on leaving obligations and electronics behind, start with short trips to the park or walks in the evenings.