Your weekend should never be long and boring; consider having some DIY to make your home better. The best part about DIY is that you won’t need much money to get started on your project. Here are some DIY projects to do around the house with your family this weekend.

1. Change Your Filters

Filters get dirty by nature which stops them from being effective. It’s critical to replace your filters around the house as soon as they become dirty. If you lack the necessary skills, hire a professional to assist you in keeping your filters clean this weekend.

This weekend, you need to check on your furnace filters. Even though you can buy filters in standard sizes that vary in size, the most common mistake is ordering the incorrect size filter for your furnace. To determine the correct filter size, you must first determine the current filter’s actual size, including the width, length, and depth.

2. Cleaning and Fencing the Outdoor Unit

If your HVAC system isn’t working properly, you’ll need to clean the debris accumulated in and around it. In and around the HVAC system, debris can block parts like exhaust vents and interfere with functions like air conditioning. To avoid damaging your outdoor unit, clean the area around it and trim any low-hanging branches, but don’t try to remove anything from the stack.

After you’ve finished cleaning your outdoor unit, you should secure it by fencing it in or planting scrubs around it. Allowing space between the outdoor unit and the fence will prevent exhaust from getting blocked. The distance should be sufficient to protect your system and provide a space where technicians can access it in the event of a malfunction.

3. Coffee Station

You’ll need a place to sit and drink your morning coffee as you commute to work. You don’t need a lot of space to set up a coffee station with everything you need. This weekend, make a personalized coffee space out of the empty spaces in your house, particularly in the living room, dining room, study space, or kitchen.

The space between your refrigerator and the wall can serve as the ideal coffee station, allowing you to set up your coffee maker and other coffee necessities. A sliding cabinet door can also be important to conceal your coffee station. Don’t forget to decorate your coffee shop with a sweet message inviting people to enjoy coffee, such as a “coffee bar.”

4. Make a Ledge

If your walls are boring, and you want to decorate them, consider making a simple ledge as a DIY project. You can make a lovely ledge out of scrap wood to display a collection of photographs. Making a ledge does not necessitate a large amount of space; one of the best places to make a ledge is in your living room or bedroom.

Making a ledge will serve as a reminder to you and your family of all the wonderful times you’ve shared. Mix portrait and landscape photos on your ledge to make it more interesting. Smaller photos should get placed in front of larger photos to ensure that the entire image is visible.

5. Barn Door Entertainment Center

The first thing your guests will notice when they enter your home is your entertainment center. Make a barn door built-in entertainment center out of a boring entertainment center this weekend. Your entertainment space will stand out from the crowd thanks to the barn door.

Barn door entertainment center helps to hide unsightly electronics and cable to keep them safe. This center is a simple DIY because all you need is plywood and a way to mount the slides.

6. Create a Toy Storage Entertainment Center

If you have a playroom or an entertainment center, you’ll need a toy storage entertainment center. This center will help keep the room organized by storing all the kids’ items to play with. You should also include shelves for books, DVDs, dolls, and a platform for the television.

7. Paint the Walls

The simplest and most cost-effective way to upgrade your walls is to paint them. Painting is great because you can do it yourself and spend quality time with your family. When painting, stick to neutral colors to avoid becoming bored with the color after a while.

It should never be a dull weekend for you. Consider doing some DIY projects around the house to help you improve it. DIY activities will also help you connect with your family by allowing you to spend time with them while having fun.