Birthdays are very special and kind of a milestone in the children’s eyes. But as they keep growing, they also level up to advanced toys and gifts. It can be very tricky to find a gift that your child will appreciate and love. These are some of the timeless gifts you can get for a kid’s birthday.

1. Electric Guitar

A guitar can be a fantastic distraction as your kid is growing up. You can also uncover a hidden talent by nurturing their musical side. A guitar is very adventurous; they can learn new songs or try to reproduce their favorite songs. Kid’s guitars are available in different sizes, and if the kid is small, you can get bright colors. Some will come with exciting games and flashcards to help learn songs.

2. Jewelry Set

If your kid is obsessed with your jewelry and other shiny accessories, maybe it’s time to get them their own set. You will help them with the glamour they badly crave and keep your precious jewelry safe from damage. These sets are available for all age groups, and you can get one similar to what they like. You can even make your own jewelry if you don’t want to spend a lot. It will be a fun project for the birthday.

3. A Kid’s Book

You probably have a collection of books you have been reading for the kid as they grow up. But you can always advance to something more challenging and exciting because they are a little grown now. Books tackle many things; you can teach kids about race, authenticity, self-esteem, and many other meaningful topics. It will be nice to get one that both of you can enjoy during your free time. If they still can’t, you will keep reading for them until they can.

4. A Soccer Ball or Basketball

You can rarely go wrong with a soccer ball or basketball as a gift. They are high-intensity sports; they involve running and whole-body workouts, which will be great for the kids. You can even make your own basketball jersey for the family team with your design. These days there are light-up LED basketball and soccer balls that kids can play with even when it’s dark. Plus, these gifts won’t go out of fashion; they can play with even as adults.

5. Watercolors

To get the artistry juices flowing, get the kids watercolors. Creativity is essential for kids, that is why you should introduce watercolors to them on this birthday. It will be an unexpected gift but one they will love nonetheless. The paint is easy to use for the kids, and it comes with an array of colors. Their playtime will never feel the same again. You might also spark a love for art in them.

6. Skaters

As scary as that sounds, it can make a great gift. Many parents avoid such gifts because they fear their child getting hurt. But there are kid’s safe skaters, and your kid will enjoy cruising along in them. Their outdoor fun times will be highly elevated, and you can keep them within your eyesight while they play. It’s a fantastic birthday gift that will undoubtedly be the kid’s favorite. It also encourages active play rather than staying in front of the screens all day.

7. Building Toys

Building toys are a classic that small and big kids can all play with. It presents endless possibilities during playtime. Get a set that can build anything from robotic toys to buildings, cars, and so much more. Every time the kids take it out to play, they can create something new. The building toys will be a favorite, especially for the big kids. As they get older, you can also find more challenging toys with more pieces. If you want toys that will inspire hands-on playing and creativity, go for building toys.

8. Kid-Friendly Tablet

There are a lot of kid-friendly tablets that are fun, entertaining, and educative. Get the ones that come with pre-installed videos and apps so that you won’t spend a lot of time downloading content. The tablet should come with ground rules so that the kids don’t get glued to them all the time. It’s an excellent way to cultivate responsibility in kids from a young age. You can install their favorite cartoons and games to make screen time more fun.

Final Thoughts

Explore some of these gifts for your child’s upcoming birthday. They will make the day unique and more memorable. Make sure you are getting something they are interested in; otherwise, the gift will be tossed aside quickly.