If you’re in the market to sell your beloved home, the next few weeks and months are critical opportunities to address the resale value of your residence. Although many people think their home will sell at a profit, there are tried-and-true tactics that ensure you get the most return on your investment. Here’s what they are:


In real estate, improving a property’s overall appearance and cosmetic value is referred to as “applying lipstick.” And while this sounds funny, cosmetic changes can elevate your home’s value and lead to better profit margins. Although improving a home’s aesthetics means something different depending on who you ask, here are the basics:

  • Enhanced lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Painting walls
  • Eliminating stains and odors
  • Outdoor plants and shrubs
  • New faucets


For most older homes, residential roofing should be a topic of discussion. If you’ve been neglecting random leakage, expensive energy bills, and signs of rotting, this can detract buyers from considering your home.

More importantly, new roofs, just like automobiles, need to be improved and exchanged every so often. Although your mileage may vary, here’s the typical life expectancy for each roof type:

  • Wood shingle: 30-40 years
  • Clay: 50+ years
  • Slate: 100+ years
  • Asphalt: 15-20 years


Although cleaning may sound too simplistic to work, it’s amazing how much professional cleaning can improve a home’s appearance. For homeowners who are giving tours, investing in a cleaning service is essential.

And don’t skimp! You want every visible portion of your home to be cleaned, shined, steamed, and looking better than the day you bought it.

Curbside Appeal

Lastly, we suggest you take your home’s curb appeal seriously. Whether you know it or not, tons of potential buyers are driving by your home daily, and some of them are writing down your number. Incorporating cheap techniques, such as re-painting your home’s address number on the curb, getting a new mailbox, and installing new lighting in your entranceway are great ways to appeal to potential buyers.

As you can see, improving the resale value of your home isn’t as financially demanding as you may think. With attention to detail and a little bit of ingenuity, you can sell your residence for a respectable profit and start the next chapter of your life.