Constructing a new home is an exciting chapter for anyone; however, it is important to make the right choices and decisions through the process. One area that often causes headaches when planning and selecting from options is deciding the most important upgrades. Don’t sweat it though, here’s a list of essential upgrades that will prove valuable in your new construction home.

The Kitchen

The key to your heart’s home may be in building a kitchen that you love spending time in. Kitchens can often be the main attraction of a home, so consider upgrading to a spacious and pleasant looking island, lovely cabinets with increased functionality, top energy-efficient appliances, and even a window or plants.

Kitchen islands that are big enough can accommodate your and your family, avoiding the need for a dining room or space. Constructing cabinet designs that feature more space and functionality makes storage neat and a fun activity. We recommend you decide what you deem the right time between preparations or after construction to buy kitchen appliances according to your budget.

Plumbing Work

If you plan to have a basement or more bathrooms, it is crucial that you consider roughed-in plumbing. If you fail to construct the rough-in plumbing upgrade, you may experience costly work, including possibly drilling parts of your home. Rough-ins are still important even when you don’t have extra bathrooms, as it may be beneficial if you plan on reselling the house.


Your floors are an essential upgrade to make; however, one must tread lightly with the options. The best advice is to consider the upgrade that you view as most important and valuable. Areas such as your kitchen or bathrooms can afford a beautiful floor upgrade. View all the best options and settle for one that is a durable and visually appealing option. You may consider carpeting in your living room or bedroom for warmth. However, this may require you to clean frequently.


Your roofing plays a vital role in the protection and insulation of your home. There are many options when it comes to the roofing of your home. Pick one depending on its durability, installation energy, chemicals and UV light resistance, and insulation capabilities. Since roofs contribute to a majority of energy losses in most American homes, an eco-friendly Everest Systems roofing material is a huge plus to have. The roofs also vary in colors for different types of aesthetics.

When making upgrades for your new construction home, being budget-effective and going for our tastes is important. However, an essential aspect is the functionality of the upgrade to your home and your life there. That’s the ultimate value.