The business of cannabis is opening up across the nation, but those in the industry still have work to do in terms of changing up how the products are viewed. The benefits of CBD may entice some older clients, but if they’re nervous about entering your store, the enticement won’t do much for your bottom line.

Choose Your Niche

If your business is all about indica and CBD, make your shop dog-safe. For many households, especially those comprised of older citizens, the dog gets their CBD before the humans try it. This may mean avoiding carpet in your main showroom and posting leash requirements.

Post signs about leash laws. Provide bacon-flavored CBD oil and treats that a pet can sample. Make sure that your signage about all your products is

  • large and legible
  • available via audio on your website
  • available in paper form so a potential customer can take away a double-sided flyer

While working on your dog clientele by making their owners comfortable, take care that your shop does not smell of smoked cannabis. If you have air clearing products, use them and display them. Let your potential humans know that cannabis use can be both beneficial and discreet.

Focus On Location

Those who work in California dispensaries can also focus on the THC side of cannabis. To this end, consider what THC can replace. The long-term damage of too much alcohol is well-known and widely published. Strive to promote data on alcohol vs. cannabis with an eye towards

  • anti-inflammatory benefits
  • stress relief
  • easier recovery

Some who use cannabis are going for the euphoria, but for many, the biggest benefit is the chance to disconnect. This doesn’t mean that you are in competition with the liquor store down the street. It means that you are giving your potential clients another option.

Think Seasonally as Well as Locally

Fall can mean beautiful colors. It can also mean cooler temperatures, rain, and inflammatory pain. Promote CBD capsules for reduced inflammation. Spring can mean lovely flowers, but it can also mean overdoing it in the garden and muscle aches. Time to market the cannabis bath bombs!

Summertime fun can include a camping and hiking trip. Pair this season with cannabis creams to prevent foot and knee pain prior to a hike. Finally, the winter can mean being stuck indoors and spending a bit too much time with family. Consider promoting cannabis-related stress relief products.

Target Your Community

Sing up to volunteer at special events in your community. Keeping your shop visible could include

  • handing out water bottles at a half marathon
  • buying pizza for a walk to raise funds for a particular illness
  • handing out free tote bags at the local Saturday produce market

The key to going mainstream is to make your shop name an easy go-to within your region. Cannabis laws are changing and you are part of the forward push in promoting the benefits of these products. As a pioneer breaking trail for other businesses and legal users of the product, being an active member of the community is critical.

Watch Your Reviews

Someone who posts a review of your shop may also be a pioneer. If you get a good review that includes an employee of yours, celebrate them with a gift card and thank your reviewer. If you get an unpleasant review about some aspect of your business, be ready to go to work to make things right.

Be ready to educate anyone who has a problem with the cannabis industry in general. Post information is taken from the 2018 Farm Bill on your website, in your advertisements, and on your informative flyers. Make sure that your dispensary showroom floor, your parking lot, and your employees promote the face of a business you can be proud of.

Changes in the legality of cannabis products are still facing a lot of NIMBY pressure. As possible, work with other businesses that cater to those in your industry. Participate in local networking events. Give back to your community. Get your legal product out to the interested and make your shop easily accessible to the mildly curious. Finally, make a space for their pups.