Just a few years ago, Magnetic Island was far away from anyone’s radar and a bucket list of places to
visit in Australia. Even if you narrow down your scope of research and focus on Queensland and its
island escapes, it’s still wasn’t one of the first places that come to mind. Most visitors choose to hit
Hamilton Island, the Whitsundays, and small islands near Cairns and Port Douglass. However, there’s a
new player in town. Magnetic Island is an underrated slice of heaven with peaceful and private bays,
amazing beaches, cute local wildlife, and hospitable locals. If you’re still not convinced that you should
give this spot a shot, here are five reasons why Magnetic Islands are worth your time:

Beautiful beaches

If you’re a beach person, Magnetic Island will deliver since there’s something for everybody. If you’re
looking for a place for a morning outing, visit Nelly Bay, the main spot for the island’s residents. Picnic
Bay, just like its name states, is perfect for an afternoon picnic, but you can also go fishing or just
enjoying the view. For swimmers, there’s Alma Bay and for nature lovers, there’s Geoffrey Bay with its
many Rock Wallabies that are quite friendly. The island has many beaches not mentioned here, so make
sure to put on your exploration hat and discover your favorite spot.

Many snorkeling opportunities

It’s hard to find better snorkeling opportunities anywhere else in Australia than on Magnetic Island. The
island’s shore is not only very interesting but also easy to explore—you can quickly rent snorkeling cards
and gear from the retailers on the island. Wrap cards around your wrist and use them for tips and guides

while you’re underwater. There are also surface floats that help you stay on track and prove places to
rest. Nelly Bay is perfect for beginners while experts might want to hit Geoffrey Bay.

Gorgeous hiking spots

Even though small, Maggie (as the locals call the island) has around 25 kilometers of hiking tracks that
will take you across bays and through Magnetic Island National Park. If you’re up for a short hike, you
can start at Picnic Bay and either go to Rocky Bay or Hawkings Bay. The crowd’s favorite is definitely Fort
Walk since it takes you near WWII forts, interesting gun emplacements, and amazing views of the Coral
Sea. When your feet start aching, you can look into Magnetic Island car hire and get some wheels to
move around. Some cars come with a topless option which is great for island adventures and aimless
road trips—give these a shot.

Cute wildlife

One of the biggest attractions in Australia is its cute and unique wildlife, and Magnetic Island doesn’t
lack any of it. Most importantly, it has over 800 koalas roaming freely around the island, so expect to see
some on your exploration hikes. Fort Walk will definitely offer great opportunities for siting, and people
report seeing multiple marsupials in one spot. If you by any chance miss a koala in wild, you can go to
Bungalow Bay Koala Village has daily koala shows that even allow you to pet or hold them. This
location even has tents and cabins so you can even consider it for accommodation.

The food

The food industry on the island is amazing. There are so many great fresh products to try, and the
hospitality is very unique. The island has various dining and fast food options, so expect to fall in love
with their food as well.
Once you visit Maggie, you’ll definitely come back. Many tourists state that this island really has a
supernatural pull, just like a real magnet. If you’re curious about what’s so special about Magnetic
Island, book your visit and see for yourself, but don’t say you weren’t warned about falling in love with
this destination!