Once you’ve taken the leap and have sets of little feet running around your home, life changes in more ways than you can imagine. Of course, your weekend sleep-in routine vanishes and your menu revolves around bottle feedings and chicken nuggets. Your car needs will also change to accommodate bulky car seats and your quiet romantic evenings involve the perfectly timed lullaby and sleep schedule. Discover how having children also forces many couples to change their decor style and ways to create an elegant living space that is also kid-friendly.

There’s no doubt that having kids forces couples to question their choices in furniture and decorating their home. Shopping takes on a new look when you are looking for sharp corners and edges that could harm, fabrics that show dirt and every stain, and practical pieces that won’t make their wallet scream if they get broken. When couples want to maintain an elegant living space and have children, there are some things to keep in mind. Continue reading for ideas.

Large sectional furniture

Unlike a regular sofa or chair, sectional furniture is furniture that looks like one piece and can seat many people in a row. The pieces that create a sectional can be separated but are preferred together for maximizing seating. They are usually L-shaped or U-shaped, without a break between the seats, and normally have a chaise on one end.

The benefit of sectional furniture when you have children is that you can all lounge together when watching a movie or just enjoying an evening together. Sectional furniture is great for overnight guests to sleep on if you don’t have a spare room. Sectional furniture also comes in many fabrics and can appear more elegant by adding multi-fabric throw pillows.

Hang kid art

Kids’ art is eclectic, colorful, and has a place on the walls of your home. Framing it in beautiful frames and hanging it on walls is crucial to your children’s sense of home and builds their confidence. It adds flair and character to rooms and is essential for making spaces more kid-friendly.

In addition to your kid’s bedrooms, framed art can be hung in hallways, the kitchen, foyers, bathrooms, and the living room. You might opt for more elegant solutions in shared spaces like professional photos. For example, you might choose a piece from Aaron Reed Photography for the living room.

Add floating shelves

Floating shelves are shelves attached to your wall that appear to be floating because no brackets or nails show. They are typically strong with anchors inside the wall as well. They come in multiple dimensions which make them great for a home with pieces that are not to be touched by little fingers.

Since the shelves can be hung higher than tiny tots can reach, floating shelves are great for almost anything, from pictures to heirlooms, However, for a home that is kid-friendly, floating shelves are also a great idea for a library of children books at their level.

Storage solutions

Regardless of how many children you have, toys will always find their way into rooms where they don’t belong. That is why smart, design-friendly storage solutions are a great option for any room in your home.

Smart storage solutions can include an ottoman that opens for storage, wicker bins that fit under the television stand, and oversized colored, fabric baskets. These options allow storage to blend in while you keep your design style and maintain an elegant space with toys out of the way.

Adult-only room

If your home is large enough that you can completely ban your children from entering a room, hooray for you. That is one way to have an elegant space in a home that is otherwise kid-friendly.

Your adult-only room can be your sanctuary of sorts, the place where the adults in your home go and unwind in the evenings. Or it can be your formal living or dining room where you have heirloom furniture and entertain your adult friends. Teaching your children early that there are boundaries will take them far as they get older. Having children forces many couples to change their decor style and search for ways to create an elegant living space that is also kid-friendly. Some practical tips to do so are above. These tips will help you maintain your elegant decor style with kids.