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Kids get into the craziest things when left to their own discoveries. There are a few precautions that adults can take to keep them as safe as possible when they want to play outside. Here are a few simple safety guidelines to follow when the day is sunny and kids want to be kids.

Set Perimeters

There always seems to be a more interesting area where kids know are off-limits to them. The neighbor’s yard, a tree up the road, or the backyard pool are examples of the wonders that children are intrigued by. Rules need to be firmly in place to help guarantee their safety. However, to safeguard the well-being of small children wandering off to explore, locking fences can be a big help. In fact, fences around swimming pools are the law in every state. Be sure to follow the regulations of your area when replacing or adding a fence to your property for the protection of your family. A four-foot-tall pool fence will keep a toddler out of harm’s way and away from danger when you cannot supervise every moment.

Skin Protection

They say that the sun provides a healthy amount of vitamin D. However, there is a fine line between too much sun, the intensity of the sun, and a child’s sensitive skin. Every child needs sun protection. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. are the most intense UV rays from the sun. Even on cloudy or cool days, the risk of dangerous sun damage can occur. Regardless of what most people believe, the day to day activities delivers more skin damage than laying on a beach. Use 30 SPF or higher sunscreen and reapply as needed. Regardless of skin tone, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)recommends that all kids wear a broad-spectrum type of sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. If kids are in or near water, make sure it is labeled water-resistant.

Hydrate with Water

The dangers of becoming dehydrated while playing outside are higher than playing inside. It does not take much for kids to become overheated and to sweat out moisture. Keep an ample supply of water on hand for quenching that thirst. Consider placing a portable refrigerator on the patio and stocking it with bottled water or flavored sparkling water. There are many different types of healthy water on the market today that are pH balanced and contain no sugar. If a supply of water is readily available, kids will not ignore the fact that they need to stop and grab a drink when thirsty.

Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are becoming more popular for watching out for your property and checking on the kids in the backyard. It never fails that as soon as mom goes into the house, the little ones look for something new to get into. With security cameras, you can watch as Johnny attempts to climb a tree or taste the dog’s food. You may never be able to stop every action that a toddler makes, but having a watchful eye on them is worth a lot. Many security cameras are solar operated while others connect to WiFi for clear and crisp recordings. There are also audio videos for communicating with those within the camera’s view.

Routine Checks on Maintenance

Take a stroll around your backyard at least once a week to repair any areas that could be of danger. Broken chairs that have sharp edges, loose rocks that have scattered across the walk, or objects that have been neglected to be picked up and put away are examples of unintended accidents that occur.

Helmet Safety

Kids typically spend a lot of time outside on bikes, scooters, or rollerblades. Make sure you teach them that safety is the most important. This way they will not get on their favorite toys without putting on a helmet or safety padding. It will likely reduce the chances of injury while they are outdoors.


Keeping an outdoor area for kids to play in will be one of their fondest memories as they grow older. Make sure that you take the proper precautions to keep your area safe by following these tips. Keep boundaries in good repair, especially an aluminum fence. Make sure that it is at least four feet tall and has a child-resistant lock. Keeping your children safe is an important part of growing up. Also, remind children to never talk to strangers that pass by, keep a first-aid kit nearby, and use bug spray and protective clothing when needed.