Desert landscapes or geographic locations are not the only yards that should have rocks or stones in them. Many gardeners now realize that an easy way to make a garden stand out is to use rocks, stones, and pebbles to create layers to a front or back yard.

The following are five ways stone can add an attractive feature to your yard and create more curb appeal for your home.

Rock Garden Divisions

As temperatures keep rising, watering your grass can cause your water bill to be outrageous. Not only that, but in the summer, the neighbors may start funnily looking at you. After all, you are using an excessive amount of water for something that is not vital.

Using small rocks for certain garden areas can help reduce watering and preserve the water in your yard. Stones let water find its way into the soil to keep the plant roots damp. They also protect roots and soil from harmful UV rays, keeping the needed water from evaporating.

House Borders

Create a stone border around your home and keep it between your house and the lawn. The rocks help keep rainwater away from the home’s exterior walls and keep the grass away from the walls, making it easier to mow the lawn. In addition, these narrow pathways make a beautiful place to plant flowers and shrubs, and the rocks keep the area moist, allowing the plants to thrive.

Retaining Wall

Use rocks and stones to create a retaining wall and garden layers to grow flowers and plants. This layered look will increase the visual attractiveness of the plants and flowers while keeping them healthy in the process.

Stone Tile Stairs

If you have a hill or a steep area in your yard, make the most of it by using natural stone tiles for stairs. Arrange flat stones or tiles in a stair form and plant greenery around the corners of the rocks. Utilizing natural stone is good for the environment since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and toxins. Consider finding a professional that can help find materials that are environmentally friendly.

Stone Walkway

Use pavers or stone tiles to create a smooth walkway. This makes for a more leisurely walk than rough stones would make. The tiles or pavers are fastened in place with cement to keep them from moving out of place.

Yard maintenance costs are going up, and it takes a lot of time to maintain and grow grass in a front or back yard. Switching to a rock or stone landscape can make a lot of gardeners take an about-face and think of rock and stone for their gardening ideas.