It is common to occasionally feel overwhelmed by home and work responsibilities. It can be hard to find the time to put yourself first under these circumstances. Even so, many of us find the time to give ourselves that something special, whether it is a delicious treat or a brief yoga session. Although, it may also be nice to get something in the mail or in your email inbox that gives you something to look forward to while giving you a bit of peace.

The following are five subscriptions you can give yourself to get that time to yourself good feeling at least once a month.

Eco-Friendly Boxes

Finding a subscription service that offers products that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and organic can be a great way to slowly improve your lifestyle. Consider finding a service that delivers various products to your doorstep once a month, and you get a fantastic new surprise every few weeks that can benefit both you and the environment.

Beauty Boxes

Need beauty items regularly? Companies that regularly deliver beauty products might be exactly what you are looking for. Whether you like to experiment or already know what kinds of beauty products you like, a monthly subscription can help ensure that you never run out of the supplies you need. The best part is you can take a quick quiz on some websites to find the products that fit your skin color and type.

Unique Letters

Need a little romance in your life? Consider using a subscription service like The Flower Letters. Services like these deliver actual letters that transport you to an important time in history, WWII. The love and intrigue of characters told in actual letters is a gripping story you will enjoy while relaxing at home.

Step back in time and experience powerful stories of romance and intrigue. It is a new storytelling experience filled with romance, adventure, and history. If you enjoy writing, reading letters from real people could give you the inspiration you need to come up with new ideas.

Mental Wellness Boxes

Reduce stress with subscription services that help improve your mental health. Look for services that focus on helping you acquire one coping skill a month. Some subscriptions help improve cognitive behavior, focus, and could help you remain calm in the challenging moments of life.

Some people may remember the care boxes of their childhood. It was so great to receive special little surprises every month. Now you can recreate these special moments through a monthly subscription service. Just choose something you would love to have and have it billed to you monthly, or even better, yearly. Your once-a-month package will serve as a reminder that it is time to take some time off, relax and get some all-important personal time.