With the heat of summer upon us and the COVID pandemic slowly winding down, you may be thinking about planning a summer party to kick off the season. There’s one aspect to a summer party that beats all others: the menu. Planning a menu for a summer party can seem like a daunting task. Between the main dish, side dishes, deserts, drinks, and the like, a summer menu can quickly become overwhelming. However, with a few simple strategies, planning your summer meal will seem like a breeze.

Start With the Basics

Starting with a classic summertime main dish is the best way to start planning. You can never go wrong with a barbecue or a cookout for a hot summer’s day. However, there are many different summer time meals that can compliment the heat.

Plan Around the Main Dish

After you figure out the main dish, think of side dishes that will compliment it. Summer time favorites like a fresh watermelon or fruit salad are always tasty side dishes. Having a few different options for your guests to choose from is always a good idea. Try to vary your side dishes and make sure they’re not all from the same food group. Choosing a fruit, a vegetable, a potato, and a bread dish is a way to vary your meal and deliver a colorful plate.

Finish It off With Desert

Choosing a phenomenal desert is a great way to top off a delicious summer meal. Having various options, such as a chocolate option and a fruity option, is a great way to keep guests happy. Don’t feel like you have to make everything from scratch in order to impress your guests. Store bought goodies can taste just as good and look great. Consider trying something new from a local bakery or store.

Don’t Forget the Drinks

A summer get-together can’t be a party without the drinks. If there’s kids present, be sure to have a selection of non-alcoholic beverages such as lemonade or soda. For adults, be sure to hit up the liquor store to pick up a selection of wine or beer prior to the party.

Drinks are the best way to beat the summer heat and add flair to your party, so it’s important to have something for everyone. Take time to enjoy your summer meal and kick back with family or friends.