Many occasions in life need to be celebrated. For the family, it might be a wedding or a birthday, or an anniversary. While it’s possible to announce these conventionally, perhaps with a call, text, personal reminder, or card, why not make the announcement memorable in itself.

Let’s look at some of the fun ideas that can be used to help you announce special family occasions.

Message Cookie

Write your special announcement on a giant cookie. A huge cookie is the symbol of sweet deliciousness. It is also a popular way to write out a message with thought and care that will probably make a delicious announcement of a family celebration.

Elf Signage

Use custom signs, staking these signs on a lawn or hanging them up on a wall, or propping them in some unexpected place around the house. Custom signs are extremely useful in making unique and memorable moments special for the events. The Sign Elf franchise opportunity allows you to make customized signs for any occasion you want to celebrate.

Twisted Balloons

Twist balloons into words and post your message on a wall in a room. Twist balloons are a popular way to make an announcement. These balloons are not only colorful and pretty but they can also be hung up on a wall in the room family members are likely to walk into during the day, such as the wall of the living room.

Inscribed Coffee Mugs

Inscribe a message on coffee mugs. Order coffee mugs from an online company that prints personalized messages on coffee mugs. Hand out these mugs with steaming coffee to your family members for breakfast on the day of the special invitation.

Always Use the Element of Surprise

When you use any of these ways, always use the element of surprise. Surprise is an essential part of the fun. A personalized, unexpected experience can be a great way to engage the person or people the special occasion is honoring. This is why everything has to be done in secret by a select group of organizers and sprung up at the last moment when the recipient is least likely to expect anything dramatic to happen.


Special occasions could be birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or other important events. These special occasions are always a great opportunity to spread positive, affirming, or celebratory messages that make everyone chuckle and stirs a feeling of excitement. A little creativity in announcing the special occasion will go a long way in making the event even more fun.