A commercial boiler can last between 15 and 30 years. However, how well you take care of your boiler is one of the factors that will determine how long you can keep it. The following signs indicate that it is time for you to upgrade your industrial boiler.


Many boilers are built to resist corrosion. However, it will eventually start to corrode. The burners and heat exchangers create a reaction that causes corrosion. You can call a burner service to come in and inspect the extent of the corrosion. If it is severe, then you will likely need to replace it. Finding someone who is experienced enough to work with you on whatever your issues can be is very important. Make sure to check their qualifications and experience before you hire them in order to know that they are going to do right by you.


Your boiler may not look like it has anything wrong with it. However, it may still be time for you to upgrade it. If your boiler is nearing the 15-year mark, then you need to consider upgrading it. An upgraded boiler can help you save money because it will not use as much energy.

Maintenance Costs

Your boiler needs maintenance to keep its running at its peak. Maintenance also adds years to the life of your boiler. However, if the cost keeps rising, then it may not be worth it to get regular maintenance. It is better for you to get a new one.


Your boiler may make some noise while it is working. However, there are certain noises that you should not hear. This includes things such as clanging and banging. These noises may be caused by a pressure or blockage issue. You may need to get the boiler replaced if the problem is severe enough.


Leaks are a sign that your boiler is not operating the way that it should. It can also be a sign that your boiler is going to break down soon. That is why you should call a professional if you see water leaking around your boiler.

Your industrial boiler is not designed to last forever. If it is old and corroded, then it is time to upgrade your boiler. You may also want to get a new boiler if it is getting more expensive for you to maintain the boiler. Additionally, it is time to upgrade the boiler if it is leaking or making a lot of noise.