Medspa owners make a day of indulgent self-care treatment and pampering more than a fairy tale for millions of customers. Your advanced work makes it possible for this to happen without customers hopping in and out of their cars trying to get to laser hair removal, non-surgical fat removal, botox, and even spider vein removal appointments all at their scheduled time.

Instead, med spas offer all these services and more in one great place where customers can unwind and rejuvenate in addition to receiving enhancement treatment. Learn how med spas are expanding your reach by understanding the needs of your customers and thereby creating more ways to improve your med spa practices.

To customers, a medspa is a combination of medical practice and a spa where they get pampered and non-surgical medical treatments. In addition to treatments, customers looking to relax, refresh and rejuvenate often make a day of services at med spas and you are responding by improving your spa practices. Eight ways that you’ve been doing that is by:

1. Researching the Community and Customers in the Area

Moving into a neighborhood and getting noticed is hard, even for a medspa. That means you must do research, including getting familiar with your demographics, researching any successful competitive salons in their area, reading industry books and blogs for generating new customers.

2. Creating an Excellent Receptionist Area

Instead of commotion, confusion, and distractions, customers come in and want privacy and to feel connected to the atmosphere as soon as they enter. They want to discuss treatments privately and in a confidential space. They want comfortable seating and adequate lighting upon entry.

In addition, you want a receptionist who greets in warm and welcoming tones. You are now using medical spa software so that your receptionist can competently discuss treatments with customers before they come in for more in-depth discussions with the doctors themselves.

3. Pampering Guests in Luxury

In addition to medical services and treatments, your appeal is to customers who want to relax and relieve stress in luxury. Therefore, providing luxurious robes, plush slippers, and quiet rooms are what guest want. Even when the treatment is for a few hours, guests who get pampered know that their physical and mental health are better than when they entered the spa are likely to return for additional services.

4. Keeping Guests Hydrated

A refreshing glass of water with sliced apple, lime, or lemon wedge makes guests feel as special in a spa as it does in your home. Infused tea or cucumber-enhanced water are terrific ways to engage your customers about the benefits of taking care of their skin and improves your practice.

5. Try New Equipment

State-of-the-art equipment for skincare and body enhancements is expensive. However, your guests will continue to come back when they know that you have invested in technology-based advanced tools and machinery designed to optimize their total medspa experience.

6. Give Customers a Total Zen-like Experience

Nothing says spa-like the faint waterfall sound and a room that smells like the tropics. You are improving and enhancing their med spa experience with decor that whispers zen-like watering creek walls, cascading bowls, mirrors, and the subtle scent of burning candles.

7. Enhanced Education and Training

As a doctor, education doesn’t end when you finish your medical school and your internship. As technology and science advance, you must also continue your education to offer customers the most reliable and up-to-date information and services. Enhanced and continued education is necessary for the best-med spa practices.

8. Asking Customers What They Want

Med spas are places where customers desire radiant skin and the longing for a sculpted body is achievable through your training and science. And while your practices enjoy enhancing the client’s natural beauty, asking customers questions about their experiences shows that you are looking at ways to improve your med spa practices.

Med spas are expanding their reach by understanding the needs of their customers and thereby creating more ways to improve their medspa practices. Eight ways that you are improving your practices are above. As owners, building on these methods will ensure continued success in your spa.