Summer means more than sunny days and cranking up the heat. It’s time for a road trip. Many people plan their travels and vacations in the warmer months. Even if you are just driving around town or making your daily commute to work, you can give your vehicle some extra TLC during the hot, steamy days of summer. Gear up for 6 upgrades your car needs this summer to keep it going strong.

1. Purchase Your Summer Tires

When it comes to tires, you’ll hear about people buying snow tires to gain extra traction in the bad weather. Your tires need attention in the summer too. The heat can really take a toll on rubber, melting down the surface of your tires when the temperatures are soaring. Your tires are also more susceptible to damage from debris in the road. Hitting a pothole could spell disaster for worn tires. Instead of relying on one set of tires for the entire year, make the investment to swap out your tires every six months. You’ll be able to extend the life of your tires while ensuring you have a smooth ride.

2. Darken Your Windows

Adding carbon window tint to your car reaps many benefits. Keeping your interior cooler is the biggest advantage. You can keep your upholstery and dashboard from becoming faded. Window tint can also help you to protect any electronics or other belongings that have been left in the car when the weather is hot. Keep passengers safe from the dangerous effects of UV rays. As a bonus, you will love the way your car looks with tinted windows.

3. Give Your Air Conditioning a Tune-Up

The cool air should start flowing when you hit the air conditioning button on your dashboard. Take your car to your auto mechanic to have your air conditioning system evaluated at the beginning of the season or any time that it isn’t cooling down the way it should. A tune-up will help you to stay comfortable when you are in your troubles.

4. Make the Switch to Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil has been found to benefit your engine the most, keeping it lubricated and running at full capacity. Bring your vehicle in to your favorite auto shop to get an oil change. Be sure to stress you want synthetic oil. It will be worth the extra expense. You can stretch out your oil changes up to 15,000 miles if you have a well-maintained, newer vehicle that runs regularly on the best oil.

5. Splurge on a New Battery

Your car is going to work extra hard when the heat waves roll in. This especially holds true for your battery. Take a look at the date on your current model. If your battery is getting close to the three-year mark or it’s older, purchase a new one. Avoid breaking down on one of the hottest days of the year with no refreshing air conditioning to cool you down.

6. Help Your Engine to Keep its Cool

Your engine needs fluid to keep running day after day throughout the year. The first thing that comes to mind is antifreeze in the winter, helping you to avoid a deep freeze. This same fluid acts as a coolant during the warmer months. Inspect your antifreeze level when the engine hasn’t been running. If it is low, fill it up. You can also ask your mechanic to flush your engine and top it off with fresh coolant at your annual tune-up. Always keep a bottle of antifreeze in your trunk to be prepared for roadside emergencies.

Summer days bring you plenty of opportunities to hit the road. You need to be able to count on your car when you are traveling in the heat. Making upgrades will improve your travel experiences for you and your passengers. You’ll also be helping your vehicle to last longer. While many people trade in their cars every three years, you might want to keep yours for the long haul. Making regular improvements throughout the year will pay off. You’ll enjoy the ride more when your vehicle lives up to your expectations.

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