Selling handbags and luggage can be an extremely lucrative career. Personalizing them only makes them more desirable. Finding the right materials and products you need to get started isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips you can use to get started selling personalized bags.

Use Thrift Stores

There’s a lot to be said for diving at your local thrift store and finding the latest goods. It may take some diving and time, but you’re sure to score eventually. One of the best things about shopping for handbags at a thrift store is that you don’t have to worry about people having worn them. They’re usually in pretty good condition and just need a brief cleaning. Once you have the bag, you can start personalizing it and sell it at a price significantly higher than what you bought it for.

Garage and Estate Sales

If there’s a garage sale happening in your area, then you need to check it out. People are always tossing out unwanted handbags that they receive for Christmas or birthdays. You can acquire them for dirt cheap and turn them into something incredible. You’re also more likely to find a large variety of handbags at garage and estate sales. Everyone’s taste is different.

Professional Product Sellers

You can also find wholesalers or companies that sell materials and basic products like Product Buying Solutions. At discounted prices, you can buy the product that you need, then personalize it and resell it at a higher price. It’s an easy and reliable way to always find what you need. While you may be able to score some deals at a thrift store, you’re likely going to exhaust its stock eventually. Using a wholesaler ensures you always have the product in stock.

Online Sales

Using websites like Facebook Marketplace and other online selling platforms can also help you find used products that you can resell. These prices don’t always come cheap, however. Most sellers try to sell their own products at top dollar. Competition may also be stiff. That may drive the price up even higher. However, it’s possible that someone may be eager to get rid of a bag. You may find the perfect deal.

Starting up a personalized bag business can bring in a lot of money to your home. Finding a reliable source for your inventory is easy when you include these methods and locations to find your products. Start your search today and start earning money.