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When parents choose a childcare setting they go for safe, learning environments where their children will thrive. As an early years practitioner, you want to make sure your childcare center gives kids the opportunity to develop and grow. A vibrant setting where children can learn and have fun will help your center gain popularity and boost enrollment. Here are a few improvements you can make that little ones will love.

Rethink Your Layout

Take a step back and look at the layout of your rooms in a new light. When a room is full with children, try to identify room for improvement. For example, are the tables in the best position within the room and are your storage bins in the way? It could be that furniture can be rearranged to create more space for the kids to interact. Or perhaps your clunky storage bins can be replaced with an enhanced storage system. Creating an open space can prevent accidents from occurring, and it will also open up your space for different types of activities.

Remove Clutter

Once you have considered the rooms in your childcare center and devised an improved layout, you can begin removing all of the unnecessary items. When it comes to large items you need to ask yourself if they add value to a room or if the room will be better off without them.  Pay particular attention to the items you have in storage. If you have not touched them for a long time then it may be time to remove them. Create a recycling pile and a garbage pile and have a complete clear out.

Consult Your Team

Before removing room staples, it is a good idea to have a chat with your team. They can better inform you of their day to day activities with the little ones and they can advise you on the items that are hardly ever used. If you don’t want to risk permanently getting rid of items and then regretting it afterwards, take them away temporarily and make note of whether the absence improves the setting. For example, if you feel you have too many chairs in a particular room, remove some for a week and observe the children when they use the room. It could be that the excess chairs are a waste of space.

Make Use of Your Space

Every single space in a nursery room can be used to educate children. Children love to play on the floor, so creating a vibrant floor with educational graphics can spark their imagination. In addition, you can make the most out of your wall space with a large-scale wall print with an engaging learning activity design. Soyang Europe can provide you with top-quality floor coverings and printable wallpapers with various textured finishes.

Add Creative Furniture

When decluttering your space you may come across old furniture in storage that has the potential to be reused. Some items, such as cupboards, chairs and tables, can be given a new lease of life with a simple lick of paint and a polish. Upcycling furniture is a cost-effective way to brighten up your rooms and reduce waste.

Now you’re all set to give your facilities a boost.