If someone has referred you to therapy or you have just decided that it’s time to find help, there are numerous resources out here to help you find the right therapist and treatment program. Whether you need a professional perspective concerning your marriage, job, substance addiction, or other mental health issues, the internet has excellent information to address and offer solutions to all your issues. You will realize that your problem determines the therapist you will get, so don’t dismiss anything offhandedly and be ready to try other options. If the first resource is not working out, feel free to try other resources as the best therapy resources may not suit everyone.

Resources for Clients

1. Websites

If you haven’t found a therapist yet and need professional help, start with sites like Wellin5 that offer professional online counselling in Canada. Like Google, Wellin5 accommodates and helps you connect with experts who have specialized in your area of concern. It enables you to select a counselor who you think will understand and help you overcome your issues. Working with a specialist who will guide and help you navigate your mental health issues is essential, especially if you are dealing with traumatic problems. Although it can be challenging to know where to start, talking to an online professional therapist is an affordable way to address and take care of your mental health issues.

2. Mobile applications

Thanks to the advent of mobile devices like smartphones and modern technology, you can now basically “carry” your therapist wherever you go. You may have little or no time to take care of your mental wellbeing as you have to manage many responsibilities. For this reason, finding a counselor needs to be a seamless process, not a stressful undertaking in your already hectic life.

An excellent therapy app you should consider trying is Therachat. This app helps psychologists, therapists, and mental health counselors to keep you engaged in between therapy sessions. This application not only connects you with the most compatible counselor but also works as a library of mobile mental health tools like thought reframing, emotion tracking, mindfulness, and more.

Resources for Counselors and Therapists

3. TherapyPartner

TherapyPartner is a software that provides proprietary, field-specific, and practice management technology. It detects your preferences, making it easy for you to keep up-to-date with each aspect of your practice. In addition, this software helps you to complete tasks such as scheduling, statements, billing, progress notes, and complete revenue tracking with ease.

4. NeuroFlow

NeuroFlow acknowledges healthcare providers as heroes. They help those who need healthcare, which can become a difficult challenge- often leading to poor engagement and treatment compliance. It promotes behavioral health access and engagement in all healthcare settings to improve overall wellness, health outcomes, and care costs. NeuroFlow aims to become an asset that will help healthcare providers make patients feel better quickly.

Resources for Both Clients and Therapists

5. Books, journals, and reference sources

Books, encyclopedias, journals, and handbooks can help you find helpful information concerning your mental health concerns. These resources summarize the problem, perspectives, and history related to the topic, providing you with the “big picture” about your situation. They also offer “how-to” information regarding professional topics and research methods. Written resources focus on anxiety topics to help increase awareness and enhance mental health conditions that result from outer and inner conflicts. In addition, they help promote change and growth and develop a sense of self as they have vast information about mental health issues and tips on coping with these disorders. Also, get into your interests and get interested in things that keep you busy and engaged, for example, astrology and looking at horoscope compatibility

How Wellin5 Can Help

Irrespective of your problem, the most incredible counseling resource is the one that works for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s offered for free or you have to pay, so long as it helps you.

Wellin5 is Canada’s largest therapy platform with highly trained professionals who provide high-quality counselling services and adhere to professional standards. Wellin5 is available anywhere and anytime, including the comfort of your home. We offer competitive, personalized plans in the form of email and video, so you only need a good internet connection to get started. This remote nature allows you to receive professional counseling services in a stigma-free environment and total privacy, confidentiality, and security through your PC or mobile device over conventional counseling delivery mediums of in-person or telephone.