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If you are in the process of relocating your business to a new address, you’ll have to consider the impact it will have on your business operations. Indeed, changing locations can affect your business taxes and your position on the market. If you are moving to an area that is tightly packed with existing and already established competitors, you will have to prepare your strategy to stand out from the crowd. 

But there is more to relocation than what the new address can offer. Indeed, moving your business essential means that you could risk leaving former customers behind. How will the people who knew your business’s previous address respond to the change? The last thing every business wants is to lose customers. So, how can you help your customers find you? 

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First of all, a change of address is something you will need to prepare carefully. You can hand out flyers and use posters inside your premises to inform your customers. Unfortunately, this approach may not reach your entire customer base. Therefore, it can be helpful to keep your business information up-to-date on Google Maps. Google My Business is the free tool that enables businesses to appear on the map. According to a study, over half of the small businesses don’t claim their free listing on Google My Business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring your company on top of local searches and keep your customers in the loop. 

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Diversify your online presence

Most businesses have a website, including a blog and social media channels. However, despite the diversified presence, they don’t maximize the opportunities to reach a broad audience. Indeed, not every customer will be checking the same digital platform for information. Some customers may check your news on Twitter or Instagram, while others might prefer your site. Ideally, you want to make sure that every platform mentioning your business refers to the change of address. This will include your social media platforms and dedicated pages and sites held by core members of the team. For instance, if your CEO has a unique site acting as a funnel to the business for contact, such as Paul Ognibene of Cohasset, you can also ask them to display the new address. Similarly, team members can also update their LinkedIn profiles to showcase the new information or refer to the change of address. In short, spread the word as much as you can. 

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Email your existing customers

Nothing like the good old-fashioning emailing campaign to get the word out. You can use it as an excuse to invite existing customers to an opening event at your new location. It’s a fantastic opportunity to boost sales from Day One, offering your customers a special discount for their loyalty. Launch events are popular as you can create some social media buzz with an invite-only event (for small businesses, it’s the best strategy for tight budgets) and combine it with limited offers. 

Another great solution is to combine your emailing campaign with a behind-the-scene tour, showing your team packing and unpacking, and exploring the new venue. It’s a relatable and memorable story that people won’t forget. 

Changing addresses is daunting for a business. But with the right approach, you can bring your former customers to the new shop and meet new customers too. What else do you do to give your old customers an incentive to visit?