Though there are no shortcuts to better health and longer life, there are things you can do each day to improve your chances of living a quality life. You might even be able to add on some years if you follow a few good habits and ditch some bad ones.

Stay Active

It’s been said that sitting is the new smoking, and research supports this. Sitting can increase your risk of developing certain types of cancer, suffering from diabetes, and dealing with heart issues. Unfortunately, you have to make a real effort to stay on your feet in today’s tech-saturated society.

If your job requires you to be at a desk all day, find out if you can use a standing desk. Take frequent breaks to walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and make sure you move your body regularly. It’s especially important that you don’t spend your free time living a sedate life if you’ve already been sitting for a job all day.

Find activities you love that are physically demanding, or join a group of other people to get motivated to move.

Take Supplements

No matter how healthy you try to eat, it’s difficult to get all the nutrients you need through food. Our bodies sometimes can’t absorb the vitamins from even high-quality foods, and that’s where supplements can help. The right supplements can fill in the gaps left by our diets.

There are supplements for a variety of issues, and you can even focus on supplements that enhance your chance of living longer. Longevity supplements can help repair damage to your body that could otherwise lead to health issues. By making these repairs and boosting your immune system, you may experience the benefits of a longer life.

Stop Smoking

Most of us know that smoking is extremely bad for our health. Still, some people find it hard to quit. The addictiveness of tobacco keeps many people tied to a habit that shortens life spans and causes a plethora of health problems.

If you are smoking, find a way to quit. Will power alone may not be enough, so seek out help from a medical professional if needed. There are ways to get away from cigarettes and other forms of tobacco, and the boost to your health is almost immediate. Within hours of quitting cigarettes, your risk of heart disease decreases. In a matter of days, nerve damage in your body begins the repair process and your lung capacity increases. The work of quitting is absolutely worth the payoff.


Our bodies need sleep to function properly, but most of us don’t prioritize quality sleep the way we should. We spend late nights on tech and don’t allow our bodies to shut down the way they need to before we try to rest. This can be detrimental for your physical and mental health and cause an avalanche of health problems.

The right amount of quality rest can lower your blood sugar, reduce your risk of weight gain, and boost your immune system. All of this can help you avoid diseases that can shorten and impair your life. Enough quality sleep also helps put you in a better mood and may help you avoid depression and anxiety.

Aim for eight hours a night, and seek medical help if you can’t get to sleep. It’s important to find the root cause of sleep issues so you can get into a consistent sleeping pattern.

Be Social

All of us have gone through periods of time where we have felt lonely or disconnected. It’s important not to let this become the norm because loneliness is a killer just like other physical ailments.

People who do not stay social or have strong connections with others are more likely to deal with mental health problems that can lead to a shortened life. People who are chronically lonely also have a higher level of stress hormones running through their bodies, and this can impair the immune system’s ability to function properly.

Find people who love the same things you do or reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s important to prioritize your relationships to stay well.

Live the best life you can for as long as you can by taking the necessary steps to guard your health.