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Your first job is one of the most momentous times of your life – it’s the start of a completely new chapter of your life. After years of education and training, you finally get to ‘work’ and earn your own money. Now that is definitely something to celebrate! 

But even though we all have dreams relating to our career, and what we want to be, where we want to work and what we want to achieve, those often take time to fulfil. Very few of us land our dream job at the very start. However, with persistence, determination and a solid foundation, you can climb the career ladder with success. Here are 4 jobs that help give you the push you need to do just that!

  1. Teach For America Jobs

If becoming a Professor or tutor is your career goal, then the best place to start is with Teach For America jobs. Teach for America recruits just-out-of-college graduates as teachers in low-income communities. Not only does this give you an opportunity to kickstart your teaching career, but it also gives you the chance to really help the lesser privileged.  

  1. Store Assistant (Retail)

Want to get into the exciting world of retail? Well then the best place to start is by applying to be a store assistant at a store that’s in your field of interest. Interested in fashion? Then apply to a clothes store or chain. Want to become a supermarket manager? Then apply to work at a supermarket, at the tills, stocking shelves and helping customers. Once you experience first-hand what it takes to actually work in the place of your dreams, and gain all the experience needed, you can slowly but surely climb the ladder.

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  1. Business

Your dream since childhood might have been to start your own business, but it’s not the wiset decision to do so immediately after graduating from college. Education is no doubt important and necessary; however, when it comes to working in the real world, hands-on experience is a great thing to have. It teaches you the practical skills that education won’t. So join a company (in the field you eventually want to start your own business in), learn the ropes with experienced people and once you have learnt the tricks of the trade and have enough knowledge and confidence, think about starting your own business.

  1. Writing (Journalism)

You may be great with words, but words aren’t everything when it comes to the competitive world of journalism and PR/Marketing. In order to be a great reporter, you need to also have a sixth sense about stories, and the ability to ‘smell news’ – which you can then write about. You would need to know the workings of a newspaper, meeting word limits and deadlines and be able to tune your writing style to that of the newspaper/ magazine. Joining a publication as a trainee reporter will teach you these essential skills, based on which you can hone your talent and fine-tune your writing to progress as a journalist. 

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