Installing a garage is a dream come true for many people. Whether you’re a fixer-upper, DIYer, or just want to park your car somewhere the rain and shine won’t beat away at it, everyone loves a good garage. But now that you have it, you have to consider what to fill it up with. We have some suggestions for you!

Home Repair Kit

Okay, so maybe this isn’t just one tool, but it is important. Being able to fix basic (and even more advanced, if you have the training and skill) repairs around the house is important. Having a garage is a great excuse to start accumulating all those kits and bits to keep your house in tip-top shape.

There are plenty of ‘starter kits’ out there. It doesn’t hurt to have extras of some of the basics—like tape measures—though. Especially since they seem to get left behind or misplaced often. Finding some basic tools would be really helpful in the long run.

Garage door Opener

Garage door openers are great—they make life so much easier. Getting the right garage door opener for your new garage is hugely important. Finding out what type of opener is right for you and getting one that will help keep your family safe is also really crucial. It would be smart to talk with the professionals that are helping install your garage door to make sure that the openers they suggest are both compatible and safe. Also, if you have more than one car that will be using the garage, make sure that it is easy to get more than one opener. You don’t want to have to worry about paying a lot of extra money just the get a second opener for your second car.

Deep Cycle Recharger

This is essential. Having plenty of battery accouterment in your garage is great. It can save you when you get a faulty battery or your alternator starts to go out between paychecks. Just be sure to read over the manual carefully and maybe watch a few how-to videos before getting started.

It wouldn’t hurt to have a full recharge kit, though those may be better left to professionals or those with plenty of experience rehabbing old batteries as this can be dangerous for the inexperienced.

Your garage isn’t just for your car—it’s an extension of your life. From extra storage to loft bedrooms, tool storage, and project production, it does so much more than just house your car. Make the most of it!