For someone who’s never sold a house before, the steps and process of it can sometimes be as confusing as another language. What the seller does to the house beforehand, the process of bringing people through the house, deciding on a price to sell at, and many other steps can all be confusing to first-time sellers.

Here are some things that sellers do when they are selling a house.

1.) Determining Price

One thing they’ll try and get you to ask yourself is, “What is my home worth?” And to get an accurate measurement they might use an online calculator.

Another step a seller will do early in the process is hire an agent. This agent will take a lot of the work off of the seller’s shoulder’s by doing a lot of the hard work for them. The next few steps can either be done by the agent or by the seller.

After determining the value of their house, it’s time to set a price they will sell for. Today’s market allows sellers to price their houses for more, so they’ll be doing their research on just how much money they can get for their house.  

2.) Finding Issues and Problems

It’s important to remember that your house is not perfect, so the seller will want to figure out the problems and issues with their house in order to fix them up or at least make their buyers aware of these issues.

After fixing the issues or understanding what they are, a seller will begin staging their home for tours. Staging is absolutely necessary for selling a home to give the buyers a good first impression and help them mentally move in.  

While it may seem smart to fix that small issue, the seller shouldn’t go crazy on home repairs. This will decrease the amount they make from the final sale, and the new buyers may even be willing to take on some of the repair costs in order to accept a lower price for the house.

3.) Final Decision

After staging, it’s time to  review offers made by the buyers. The seller will determine the best offer based on the buyer’s price, if they are willing to take on any costs, and when they can move in and pay the seller.

Finally, the seller will pack up and move out, allowing the new owner to move in. Experts in the real estate field usually recommend selling your current home before buying the next one.

So now, after successfully selling the house, the seller has become the buyer.