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Whether you are moving into a new home or looking to re-decorate the space that you currently live in, most can agree that they want to make their living environment have a homey atmosphere and we are here to tell you how to do so. Follow these six steps to create a homey atmosphere in your family home!

Comfortable Furniture

In your family home, to achieve a homey atmosphere, you must choose furniture that is not just visually appealing and fitting, but comfortable and practical too. Couches and chairs should be inviting and comfortable to sit and relax in. There are many materials that look great, last long, are easy to clean, and are cozy as well. When making choices on furniture pieces such as tables, coffee tables, and shelves, consider choosing some that are made out of wood. Having wood materials used for furniture pieces like this can also help to achieve a more homey atmosphere versus metals, marble, glass, and others.

Personalize the Home with Photos

Create a more homey atmosphere by displaying photos of you, your family, and other loved ones throughout the house. Want to upgrade your photos from their regular, old frames? Order custom metal prints that come in various shapes and sizes to upgrade your displayed photos! Sharing your photos throughout your house in this manner will make your photos stand out to your family as well as visitors. Photos around the home are an excellent way to personalize the space you live in.

Incorporate Special Items

While photos will help to personalize your family home and make it more homey for your family and guests, adding special, personal items into each room will amplify that even more. Certain personal items can be used to decorate as well. Memorabilia, mementos from vacations and special events, gifts from friends and family, and other trinkets can be displayed on shelves, tables, and countertops to personalize the space even further and display nice memories that you and your family have! For example, do you have a fun, family vacation to a beach planned? Bring back a bottle of sand from the beach or purchase one from a gift shop and display it on a shelf with a photo of everyone enjoying their trip!

Choose the Right Colors

Colors that you choose to use to paint your walls and colors that you choose in other designs and themes throughout your house can make or break the space when it comes to creating a homey atmosphere. Warm, welcoming colors such as plum and beige can easily make your space feel more comforting and inviting. Here you can find several, specific paint colors that can make a room feel instantly cozy. Incorporate these colors when choosing paint as well as when shopping for accessories and accent materials to have a homey paint base in your space! If you haven’t painted a wall before, you can look up step by step articles online that can walk you through painting your home as well.

Use Soft Materials

No matter what you choose for your furniture pieces, it is important to also incorporate accessories made out of soft materials in order to enhance the homey atmosphere you are seeking for your family home. Soft rugs are a great way to add some diversity to a wood or tile floor. Adding accent rugs or areas that are carpeted will also help to absorb sound! Blankets and throw pillows should also be placed around the home especially in living rooms or media rooms. Pro tip, add some seasonal throw pillows and blankets to the mix that you can switch out from season to season or during holiday seasons!

Adjust the Temperature and Lighting

Temperature and lighting can make most spaces more homey, instantly! Keep the temperature of your family home mild or warm to create a more comfortable atmosphere, especially in colder months. Make sure your space is flooded with soft and natural lighting. Where you can, use lamps instead of harsh, overhead lighting. String lights and candles can make a huge difference to the feeling of a room as well.


Make the space you and your family spend a lot of your time homey by choosing the right colors, furniture, materials, heat and lighting. Don’t forget to incorporate special, personal items and many photos into your rooms to make the atmosphere in your home even more comforting and pleasant!