As life in today’s world seems to get more hectic and in many ways more divisive, you may be feeling as if trying to relate to the world around you is becoming more and more impossible. However, that’s not the case at all. While it may take a bit more effort on your part to interact with others and learn new things, anything is possible once you make up your mind to see it happen. If you need some help in turning your vision into reality, here are five excellent tips to find new ways to relate to the world in which you live.

Interact with Kids and Animals

If you want to put a smile on your face each day and feel more connected to the world around you, spend time interacting with kids and animals. While kids will have no filters and tell you exactly what’s on their minds, animals will give you unconditional love. When you put the two together, it’s perfect.

Learn About New Cultures

Since today’s world is all about inclusion and diversity, take the time to learn about other cultures. This can include enjoying readings from a Puerto Rican poet, attending a local festival that emphasizes international culture, or maybe eating a meal at a new Italian or Greek restaurant that just opened in your city. In particular, spending time reading about experiences from other cultures through poetry, prose, or stories, will help you to expand your worldview and may leave you feeling less alone than you might think.

Put Down Your Smartphone

While it is tempting to always be checking your smartphone for the latest news or messages from friends, you’ll relate more to the world around you once you put down your phone for a while. Once you do, choose to have a face-to-face conversation with a friend, take a walk in a park, or other activity that will let you unplug from your electronic gadgets.

Enjoy the Journey to a Destination

If you are taking a day trip, make sure you don’t focus solely on your destination. Instead, enjoy the journey to your destination as much as possible. Along the way, you’re likely to see things in a whole new light, while also losing much of the stress you had when you set out on your adventure.

Live in the Moment

Finally, choose to live in the moment. Rather than worry so much about what may happen tomorrow or in the weeks ahead, focus just on today and those things you can control. By doing so, you’ll learn to have a greater appreciation of family, friends, and complete strangers you meet along the way.

Once you put these tips into practice, the world around you will seem like a place where the sun shines brighter, the birds sound sweeter, and everyone appears to have a smile on their face.