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If you have just moved to a new area or you’re looking to change doctors, this article is for you. It covers the main qualities to look for in a primary-care physician, so you can find someone that puts your health first. Here are the eight main qualities to look for in a primary-care physician. 


Some medical professionals can be cold and unwelcoming. This isn’t a huge problem when it comes to surgeries or other one-off medical treatments. However, it’s unacceptable in a primary-care physician. You need to find someone that has a warm and friendly attitude. This will help you to feel comfortable and ensure that you visit them when you need to. 

Willingness to Invest Time

If a primary-care physician seems keen to get you out of the door, you should look elsewhere. Sure, they only have a certain amount of time for each patient but you need to ensure that your health is being prioritized. Look for a doctor that is willing to invest time and listen to your symptoms and concerns. 

Good Communication Skills 

Communication skills are an essential quality in a primary-care physician. Not only do they need to listen carefully to what you say, but they also need to be able to clearly explain things to you. If you feel like there is a communication breakdown, you need to change your doctor. 

Common Sense

Unfortunately, doctors can’t be right all of the time. Even the most experienced doctors in the world get it wrong sometimes. That’s why common sense is an important trait in a primary-care physician. If they aren’t sure about something, they should refer you to a more specialized doctor. It’s pretty difficult to test common sense (without asking them to do a common-sense test), so you will have to trust your gut on this one. 

Access to High-Quality Equipment 

When you visit your primary care physician, you should be 100% confident that they have access to high-quality equipment. Their office might not be as well-equipped as a hospital but you can normally get a gauge by looking at their standard operating equipment. Also, check out Depisteo for some high-quality medical devices and screening equipment. 

Similar Approach to Care

Everyone has their own ideals when it comes to care. Some people like their primary care physician to be pragmatic and formal. Other people like them to be caring and thoughtful. When searching for a new primary care physician, it’s important that you choose someone that has a similar approach to care as yourself. 

Avoidance of Excessive Costs

Medical care can be prohibitively expensive if you don’t have insurance. Some doctors will take this into consideration when they advise you on the best course of action. Others will always advise the most profitable route for them. You should always choose a primary-care physician that puts your health and financial situation over their own profits. 

Up-to-date knowledge 

The medical industry is always changing. That’s why it’s important to search for a doctor that keeps their medical knowledge up-to-date. You can normally tell their approach to modern medicine by looking at their recent qualifications and what publications they subscribe to. 

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  1. It’s great that you pointed out how you should look for a primary care physician that is willing to invest time and listen to your symptoms and concerns. My brother has been feeling unwell for a week now and we can’t seem to pinpoint the cause of it. We can’t just ignore this, so we should definitely consult with a professional about this problem.

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