Four-wheeling is fully packed with lots of great moments, especially if you know where to visit to capitalize on the fun. But, if you have never owned a four-wheeler, please ensure that you buy a suitable machine. Your needs should inform the four-wheeler you purchase. This article is laced with multiple tips, which should get you ready when you want to buy a 4-wheeler.

1. Purpose

Objective greatly informs the four-wheeler one purchases. Do you wish to purchase a utility or sport four-wheeler? Utility quads are fitted with a four-wheel drive, while sports quads are slick and manufactured for leisure purposes.

If you are a new driver, you should start with something that you can handle easily. After acquiring all the experience you need, you can embrace another model. Numerous 4-wheelers companies have a whole line of 4-wheelers committed for youths.

Your personal aim automatically establishes the type of suspension that you wish to have on the four-wheeler. It would help if you considered an RZR Suspension Upgrade for roads that are bumpy and rough since it will buffer you accordingly.

2. Engine Size

The size of the engine matters a lot in sports quads. In utility four-wheelers, massive engines are not always necessary. Nonetheless, massive engines are known to be liquid-cooled, and they are comfortable for tall people.

Apart from large engines, some four-wheelers come fitted with smaller engines. Leaner 4-wheelers are fitted with small engines; hence, they are easy to handle. For a 4-wheeler new driver, a small engine will serve the purpose.

3. Transmission

All major manufacturers of 4-wheelers produce at least a single model that has an automatic transmission. The automatic transmissions have improved over the last ten years and are suitable for smooth rides. Automatic transmissions are well-suited for driving uphill since they do not waste time with down-shifting.

Unfortunately, an automatic transmission is not fitted with the engine compression braking. Numerous utility 4-wheelers are better if they are fitted with a manual gearbox. Hence, before purchasing a 4-wheeler, note down your needs to curb money wastage on part replacement.

4. Two or Four Wheel Drive

As pointed out earlier, sports four-wheelers are fitted with a two-wheel drive because they are meant for flat terrain. On the contrary, utility quads are made for strenuous duties, which demand a four-wheel drive.

The surface is an important parameter. A rugged terrain demands a four-wheel drive, while a flat terrain only needs a two-wheel drive. Four-wheel drives are pretty expensive. If you are wealthy, you can purchase a four-wheel drive. On the contrary, if your 4-wheeler is meant for leisure, then you should purchase a two-wheel drive.

5. Riding Gear

Four-wheelers are dangerous vehicles. When you are riding one, always ensure that you are wearing the appropriate gear. Safety should be paramount. Hence, before going out on a ride, always make sure you have the appropriate safety gear.

6. Types of Tires

Four-wheelers have been fitted with peculiar tires that define their capabilities since their inception. However, large, low-pressure tires that defined four-wheelers have been swapped by better designs.

Nearly all tires fitted in four-wheelers have a tread motif, which is suited for all imaginable terrains. Nonetheless, there are many specialized tires available in multiple tread motifs that promote the traction of a four-wheeler. Tires are the contact patch between the terrain and fitting a four-wheeler with the right tires will come in handy.

7. Price

All the factors that we have mentioned in this article will affect the price of the four-wheeler. First-time four-wheeler owners who want an easy-to-handle four-wheeler have to part with about $4,000. The price only goes up from here depending on the kind of vehicle you need. Hence, it is necessary to establish your needs prior to purchasing a four-wheeler to avoid money wastage.


In retrospect, when purchasing a vehicle, carry out some research. Establish the four-wheeler, which is appropriate for your needs and the terrain you intend to drive it on. From sports to utility quads, four-wheelers come in a vast range, and we trust that this guide has taken you closer to your dream four-wheeler.